How To Disable Comments In Gutenberg

How To Disable Comments In Gutenberg

Hi Everybody!! Today, I am going to share the methods to Disable Comments In Gutenberg. It is very easy to disable comments in Gutenberg. Comments can improve a blog in many ways. They add a kind of discussion to your blog and form a community. So, why would anybody disable comments for his whole website or just a single post?

He would this because comments are often spam,promotional and to hurt someone. Also, moderating comments takes some of yourprecious time. Disabling comments also increases the speed of your website.

But, it’s good if you have comments in your post asthey add up to your post and people start connecting to it. That’s why a lot ofwebsites have enabled the comments.

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How To Disable Comments In Gutenberg

Method 1: DisableComments On All Posts                           

  • Log in to your website’s WordPressDashboard or Admin Panel.
  • Now hover on Settings Discussion. This will open a new page of Discussion Settings.
  • On this page in ‘Defaultarticle settings’ uncheck the Allow people to post comments onnew articles’ option.
  • This will disable comments on allposts and will also override the comment settings done for previousposts.
Disable Comments In Gutenberg On All Posts
Disable Comments On All Posts

Method 2: Disable Comments On Posts Individually

  • Openan existing post or create a new one by clicking on Posts Add New.
  • Now,on the right side, click on Discussion tab.
  • Justuncheck the checkbox of ‘Allow Comments’.
  • Thiswill disable the comments for that particular post.
Disable Comments In Gutenberg On Posts Individually
Disable Comments On Posts Individually

Method 3: Disable Comments Using Plugin

This method is done by using Disable Comments plugin.

  • To use this method just got to AddNew Plugin.
  • Search for Disable Comments, installand activate the plugin by Samir Shah.
  • Now, go to Settings → Disable Comments. There will be twooptions:-
    • Everywhere – This willdisable comments all over the site.
    • On certain post types –This option includes further three option. You can choose the option which willbest suit you.
  • You can choose any one of the options. Choosing anyoption will disable comments as well as trackbacks and pingbacks.
Disable Comments In Gutenberg Using Plugin
Disable Comments Using Plugin

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So, these were the 3 methods to Disable Comments InGutenberg. If this post was helpful to you in disabling comments inGutenberg then please share it with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, ifyou have any doubts/suggestion regarding the post the, please comment in thecomment box below.

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