How To Insert A Table In Gutenberg

How To Insert A Table In Gutenberg

Hi Everybody!! Today, I am going to show the steps of HowTo Insert A Table In Gutenberg. It is a very simple job to insert a tablein Gutenberg. So, let’s see the steps to do the same.

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How To Insert A Table In Gutenberg

Step 1: Adding a block

  • First, create a new post or open anold post.
  • Now click on the Add New Blockbutton present on top-left side of the edit screen.

Step 2:Search for the block          

  • Now search for ‘table’ andtype in the number of rows and columns you want to insert.
  • After entering the number of rows andcolumns hit ‘Create’.
Adding Table Block to Insert A Table In Gutenberg
Adding Table Block

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Step 3: Filling the table

  • Once you have created the table, youcan type in the text you want.
  • You also have the option to add a rowor column before or after. You can also delete a row or column.

Step 4: Formatting the table

  • TheTable block of Gutenberg comes with 2 options:-
    • Regular
    • Stripes
  • Italso has a Table Settings section where there an option of fixing thewidth of table cells.
  • Youcan also change the type of alignment of the table. It comes with 5 options ofalignment which also includes wide width and full width.
  • Youcan also bold, italicize, strikethrough as well as add a hyperlinkto the text.
  • Italso comes with the option to make it as a reusable block.
Formatting the table to Insert A Table In Gutenberg
Formatting the table

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Step 5: Previewing the table

  • Now, just click on Preview buttonto check the size and adjustments of your table before publishing the post.

So, these were the steps to Insert A Table InGutenberg. If you found this post informative then, please share it withyour colleagues. If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the post thenplease comment in the comment box below.

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