The Centipede Song Questions & Answers

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The Centipede Song Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Crunching – making a sound as if something is being crushed or broken
  • Gravel – small, rounded stones
  • In good repair – in good condition

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. A centipede has __________ legs.

(a) forty thousand
(b) two thousand
(c) forty

2. It crunches on the __________.

(a) stones
(b) gravel
(c) sand

3. A centipede marches in the ___________.

(a) shade
(b) sunlight
(c) dark

4. The centipede is __________.

(a) sad
(b) happy
(c) upset

5. It has to keep its forty thousand shoes in ___________.

(a) good repair
(b) poor condition
(c) bad way

Question 2: Choose the correct answer:

1. Centipede appears like a group of soldiers marching because

(a) Its legs make a rhythmic sound of marching.
(b) It walks only on music.

2. Centipede does not have any problem except

(a) When his mother tells him to go to the market.
(b) When he has to go to buy new shoes for himself.

3. When the poet says a centipede has forty thousand legs

(a) He is exaggerating for effect.
(b) He means it as he has counted them.

Question 3: What is a centipede?

Answer: A centipede is an insect with many legs.

Question 4: What different sounds does a centipede make on different grounds?

Answer: A centipede make a crunching sound on the gravel and marches like an army.

Question 5: What is the most troublesome thing for a centipede?

Answer: Buying shoes, for it has many legs is the most troublesome thing for a centipede.

Question 6: Does a centipede really have forty thousand legs?

Answer: No, a centipede does not really have forty thousand legs. The poet has exaggerated for effect.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Except to have his forty thousand

Shoes in good repair!

What is meant by ‘shoes in good repair’? Why does a centipede have to keep his shoes in good repair?

Answer: ‘Shoes in good repair’ means keeping ‘shoes in good condition’.
A centipede has to keep his shoes in good repair because he walks a lot like on stairs, garden, etc.

So, these were The Centipede Song Questions & Answers.

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