The Night The Ghost Got In Questions & Answers

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The Night The Ghost Got In Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the table that connects the characters to their fears and reactions.


NarratorGhostCalls Herman
HermanGhostSlams the door shut
MotherBurglarDecides to call police
PoliceGrandfatherRun Away

Question 2: What made the narrator realise that the noises were being made by a ghost and not a burglar?

Answer: The realization that the footsteps were coming up the stairs even though no one was visible on the staircase is indeed what made the narrator realize it was a ghost.

Question 3: If there was a ghost in the house, was it responsible for the hullabaloo in the house? If not, then who was/were?

Answer: No, the ghost wasn’t responsible for the hullabaloo. The hullabaloo was caused by misunderstandings and reactions from the family members, such as the mother throwing a shoe through a window and the grandfather shooting a patrolman.

Question 4: Sometimes unexpected behaviour can create a lot of humour. Give two such examples of unexpected behaviour of the policemen.

Answer: Two examples of unexpected behavior of the policemen are:

  • Mistaking the narrator for a suspicious person because he was in a towel.
  • Rushing to the attic thinking someone was hiding there, only to be confronted by the grandfather who mistook them for deserters and attacked them.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

“We’ll sell the house and go back to Peoria,”

(a) What does this statement by Mrs Bodwell tell us about her neighbours?

Answer: This statement tells us that Mrs. Bodwell is fed up with the disturbances caused by her neighbours.

(b) How do you think the Bodwells feel at this moment?

Answer: The Bodwells are likely feeling scared and overwhelmed by the situation, as indicated by Mrs. Bodwell’s statement about selling the house and going back to Peoria.

(c) Do you think the way the narrator’s mother communicated with her neighbour was clever or practical had there been real burglars in the house? Why or why not?

Answer: Communicating with her neighbour by throwing a shoe through the window was neither clever nor practical, especially if there were real burglars in the house. It could have escalated the situation and put everyone at risk.

The Night The Ghost Got In Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

“There were two or three of them,” mother said, “whooping and carrying on and slamming doors.”

(a) How does the narrator’s mother’s account of the noises differ from what the narrator heard?

Answer: The narrator heard footsteps circling the dining-room table and coming up the stairs, while his mother heard slamming doors and whooping.

(b) Can you tell what mistake his mother was making here?

Answer: His mother thought the slamming doors were caused by burglars, but they were actually caused by her sons.

(c) What do you think was the policemen’s opinion on the matter? Why did they think so?

Answer: The policemen likely thought that the mother’s account was mistaken or exaggerated, as they found no evidence of intruders and all windows and doors were locked from the inside. They probably suspected that there was some other explanation for the noises.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

It was true that a pet guinea pig we once had would never sleep anywhere except on the zither, but I should never have said so.

(a) Why does the narrator say that he shouldn’t have said the truth?

Answer: The narrator shouldn’t have said the truth because it made the situation sound unbelievable.

(b) Give one more example from the text where saying the truth did not help the narrator.

Answer: Another example is when the narrator told the reporter about the ghosts, but the reporter didn’t believe him.

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Just what the hell is the real lowdown here, Bud?”

(a) Why does the reporter ask what ¡s the ‘real lowdown’?

Answer: The reporter asks what the “real lowdown” is because he wants to know the true and complete story behind the chaos in the house.

(b) Is there anyone else who has the same question ¡n mind?

Answer: Yes, others like the policemen and neighbour might also want to know the truth

(c) What do you think the reporter concludes from the narrator’s frank answer?

Answer: The reporter might conclude that the narrator’s frank answer about having ghosts is either a joke or a sign of his disbelief in the situation. He may not take the narrator seriously.

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

“What was the idee of all them cops tarryhootin’ round the house last night?” he demanded.

(a) Was grandfather aware that the men in his attic were policemen and not ‘deserters’?

Answer: It is quite possible that grandfather was aware that the men in his attic were policemen and not deserters, as indicated by his question the next morning, he asks the narrator and Herman why the policemen were “tarryhootin” round the house last night.

(b) If he was aware, then why did he pretend that they were deserters and attack them?

Answer: Grandfather probably pretended that they were deserters and attacked them because his sleep was disturbed and he wanted the policemen to stop making a noise and leave the house.

(c) What does it tell us about grandfather’s character?

Answer: Grandfather seems to be an intelligent person, who is clever enough to fool others, taking advantage of his age. He also seems to be short-tempered and a very good actor, the way he fooled the policemen and the narrator.

So, these were The Night The Ghost Got In Questions & Answers.

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