The Coromandel Fishers Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Coromandel Fishers Questions & Answers.

Written by Sarojini Naidu, the poem describes the life of a fisherman. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of The Snake Catcher and Clever Tenali Ramakrishna so, you can check these posts as well.

The Coromandel Fishers Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dawn – sunrise
  • Catamarans – a twin hulled boat
  • Capture – to take control of
  • Hasten – hurry
  • Glade – cleared space in a forest
  • Grove – a small forest
  • Glee – happiness
  • Verge – an edge

Question 1: Choose the correct options to complete the sentences:

1. The poet says that the sea is our ___________

(a) mother
(b) brother
(c) sister
(d) comrades

2. The poet says that the cloud is our ___________

(a) mother
(b) brother
(c) sister
(d) comrades

3. The poet says that the waves are our __________

(a) mother
(b) brothers
(c) sisters
(d) comrades

Question 2: Is it a calm morning? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, it is a calm morning. We know that because the speaker says that the wind is asleep.

Question 3: What sort of sounds can one hear early in the morning?

Answer: One can hear the sound of the leader of the fisherman calling his fellow men to rise and start their work.

Question 4: How is the wind described in line two?

Answer: The wind is described as a child who cries all the night and sleeps calmly in the early morning. It means if the child cries all the night, it will sleep calmly in the early morning. In the same way wind blowing all night lies asleep in the arms of the dawn.

Question 5: Why are the nets to be gathered?

Answer: Every evening, the fishermen put their nets on the sand to dry and before they set to go in the morning, the nets are to be gathered to capture the leaping wealth of the tide (fish).

Question 6: What do you think is the wealth to the fishermen?

Answer: The fish in the sea is the wealth to the fishermen.

Question 7: What do you understand from the first line of the poem, “The wakening skies pray to the morning light”?

Answer: At night, the sky might be sleeping. So, the poetess describes the sky is wakening at the morning light and it seems to pray.

Question 8: The pot says, ‘Let us set our catamarans free.’ What does it mean?

Answer: In the evening, after fishing, the fishermen tied their catamarans to the pole. In the morning, they have to go fishing again so, they must untie their catamarans.

Question 9: What does the poem mean by hasten away in the track of sea gull’s call?

Answer: It means to follow the cry of the sea birds and go out into the sea. They are following the calls of birds that love the sea as they do.

Question 10: What happens if the fishermen are late in starting their work?

Answer: If the fishermen are late in starting their work, the wind starts blowing and it is difficult to reach the deep part of the ocean. They can’t follow seagull’s call and can’t catch fish.

Question 11: The poet describes many things as sweet. What are they? Among them, what is considered to be the sweetest?

Answer: The poet says that the shade of the coconut tree, the scent of the mango groove, the sands at the full moon day with the voices of the people is sweet.
The kiss of the spray and dance of the wild foam’s glee is sweeter.

Question 12: Why does the poet say:

(a) The sea is our mother.

Answer: The fishermen are born and brought up near sea and the sea feeds them like a mother. They get fish from the sea which they not only eat but also earn their livelihood from. Therefore, they call the sea their mother.

(b) The cloud is our brother.

Answer: Cloud helps them during their work by showing the direction of the wind.

(c) The waves are our comrades all.

Answer: The poet says that the waves are our comrades because they keep moving with the fishermen like companions.

Question 13: The fishermen refer to a sea-god. Do you thing sea-god actually refers to the sea itself? How do the fishermen describe it?

Answer: Yes, they are referring to the sea as a sea-god. They describe sea as a deity that holds their lives in his hand and keeps them safe from storms.

So, these were The Coromandel Fishers Questions & Answers.

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