The Visitor Questions & Answers

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The Visitor Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

Think, Liesel – She had it. That’s it, she decided, but I have to make it real.

(a) What was Liesel planning? Why?

Answer: Liesel was trying to come up with a plan to excuse herself from the children’s game under some pretext and run back to her home and inform her parents about the NSDP members coming down the street checking the basements in every house to check their viability for being turned into air-raid shelters.

She had to hatch a plan urgently because her parents were sheltering a Jewish man Max in the basement and without Liesel’s information, her parents would totally be blindsided when the NSDP came to their door and demanded to check the basement. The NSDP working under Hitler’s orders, wouldn’t have taken kindly either to a Jew in hiding or to the people who gave him shelter.

(b) Why did she have to make ‘it’ real?

Answer: She had to make it real because if the NSDP members grew the slightest bit of suspicious from her actions, they would turn their house inside out and finally discover the Jew. Liesel realised that her best shot was maintaining all semblances of normalcy and somehow getting the information to her father.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

Papa was strict. “Nothing. We don’t even go down there-not a care in the world.”

(a) What was Papa’s plan to prevent the Nazi from finding Max?

Answer: At first, Mama had considered moving Max from the basement to Liesel’s room but then there was no time for that because the NSDP were already at their door. Papa told them the only plan, given the situation should be to do nothing and receive the party members as naturally and cordially as they could.

(b) Why do you think he wanted to pretend as though they did not have a care in the world?

Answer: Papa wanted them to pretend like they did not have ‘a care in the world’ so that the NSDP members who had come to inspect the basement in their house would not suspect that the Hubermanns had anything to hide.

The Visitor Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

Liesel could not ward off the thought of Max….hugging it to his chest.

(a) Do you think Liesel and the Hubermanns were fond of Max? Or were they only worried being punished for helping a Jew?

Answer: Liesel and her parents were fond of Max. Her parents had decided to shelter a Jewish man on principle and had also grown to be fond of him. Of course, they also lived with the fear of discovery of their deed as well but the fact that the child in the family could empathize with Max’s fear and helplessness hiding in plain sight in a room with NSDP members, shows the extent of their concern for Max.

(b) Can you find more examples from the text to support your answer?

Answer: We see the Hubermann concern for Max from the very outset. This was ever since Liesel’s throat dried up when she saw the NSDP members coming down the road checking basements in every house. Papa’s immediate action and his act of maintaining a ruse with very high stakes is again a proof of their fondness for Max who had almost become a family member.

Question 4: Max claims that he would not have used the pair of scissors he was found holding.

(a) Does para 69 tell us that for sure or is there some uncertainty?

Answer: According to para 69, Max was holding a pair of rusty scissors, which could be turned into a stabbing weapon with proper motivation and force. Max tells the family that he had never really meant to use them as a weapon but given the nervous state he was in, no one can be sure as to what he would have done, had he been discovered by the Nazis.

(b) In your opinion, would Max have been justified in using the scissors on the Nazi?

Answer: Perhaps one could not blame Max even if he did use the scissors on the Nazi because in this context, Max would be desperate to do anything to survive for as long as is possible and escape the Nazi agenda of mass scale ethnic cleansing.

Question 5: How does Liesel prove herself to be a clever and resourceful girl with courage and self-control? Use these situations as examples to support your answer.

(a) Liesel’s plan to warn her parents about the inspection.

Answer: Liesel proves herself to be a clever and resourceful girl with courage and self-control. She hatches a plan quickly so that she could slip away from the game with a legitimate reason for going back home. That way, she could warn her father of the imminent Nazi inspection. She tries to keep calm and convey the full information to her father.

(b) Liesel’s behaviour during the Nazi inspection.

Answer: Liesel partakes in her father’s charade of normalcy when the Nazis were inside their house inspecting the basement. Though her mind was assailed by images of Max crouching in terror, hiding from the Nazis, she was still able to function normally and keep her calm.

So, these were The Visitor Questions & Answers.

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