Mellidora Questions & Answers

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Mellidora Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the flowchart:

The prince was looking for a girl who__________
1(a) laughed when others cried.

Event 1: A carriage carrying six ladies turned over and
1(b) everyone fell into a ditch.

The other ladies wept because
1(c) they were muddy and shocked.

Mellidora laughed because
1(d) she thought she and the others must have been a funny sight.

This shows she
1(e) could see the funny side and laugh at herself.

The prince was looking for a girl who__________
2(a) cried when others laughed.

Event 2: An old woman fell down, her cake was spoiled and
2(b) she became very upset.

Everyone laughed at her because
2(c) she looked funny standing and scolding among the broken eggs and cake.

Mellidora cried because
2(d) she was sorry for the old woman.

This shows she
2(e) was a kind and sympathetic person.

Question 2: Why did the prince go to his aunt?

Answer: The prince had been invited to a king’s court for a festival, and there he hoped to find someone he could marry. He went to his aunt to ask for her advice about how he could choose a wife from among the ladies he would meet at the court.

Question 3: Why were the five ladies in Mellidora’s carriage weeping? Was it natural for them to be upset?

Answer: The five ladies in Mellidora’s carriage were weeping because their carriage had turned over and they had all tumbled down into a deep ditch. They were not hurt, but they were wet and muddy; their clothes were spoiled. Yes, it was natural for them to be upset as they had a shock when their carriage turned over; their pretty clothes were spoiled and they fell into a dirty ditch.

Question 4: Read the line and answer the questions:

But she laughed all the same.

(a) Who was laughing and why?

Answer: Mellidora was laughing because she thought that she and the other ladies must have looked very funny when they fell down from the carriage into the ditch.

(b) Why does the line say ‘But she laughed…’?

Answer: The line says ‘But she laughed…’ because Mellidora herself had fallen down, her hat had come off, her hair had come down, she was covered with mud and her hands were covered with nettle stings. So it would have been natural for her to be upset and to cry like the other women. However, instead of feeling upset, Mellidora laughed.

(c) How do you think the prince felt when he saw her laughing?

Answer: The prince must have felt surprised to see Mellidora laughing. He may also have felt particularly curious because Mellidora was laughing when others were crying and that satisfied the first condition stated by the prince’s aunt. So, the prince would think that Mellidora might be the girl he could marry.

Mellidora Questions & Answers

Question 5: One of the king’s servants pushed her out of the way. Does this mean that the old woman’s cake was spoiled on purpose? Explain.

Answer: No, the old woman’s cake was not spoiled on purpose. She had been walking through the crowded courtyard. People were hurrying about on all sides of her. She got ¡n someone’s way and they pushed her aside carelessly. That is how she tripped and fell and the cake was spoiled.

Question 6: (a) The old woman sounds like an ordinary person rather than someone very important. Would you agree? Why?

Answer: Yes, the old woman must have been an ordinary person rather than someone very important because if she had been an important person, no one would have pushed her out of the way even if the place was crowded and busy. Neither would people have laughed at her when she became upset about her cake, had she been someone important. They would have treated her more carefully and respectfully.

(b) How did the royal family treat the old woman? Which para tells you this?

Answer: The royal family treated the woman very kindly – so kindly that she forgot her anger and sadness about her spoiled cake. Para 24 tells us this.

Question 7: He went to consult his aunt, who was a wise woman. Do you think that the prince’s aunt was indeed a wise woman? Explain.

Answer: Yes, the prince’s aunt was indeed a wise woman. She had asked the prince to look for two qualities when choosing a wife. The prince found these qualities in Mellidora. Mellidora could laugh at herself even when the same situation made others upset; this meant she had a sense of humour and did not feel too sorry for herself.

On the other hand, she felt very sorry for an unfortunate woman even when everyone else found her comical; This showed that Mellidora was a kind-hearted and sympathetic person. Thus the prince’s aunt guided him towards some important qualities that make a person more lovable and admirable.

Question 8: Choose the elements that make this story similar to a fairy tale.

a. Some of the characters are princes and kings.
b. The story includes magical events and characters.
c. The story is about a brave prince rescuing a princess.
d. The story begins in the style of many fairy tales (first few words).
e. The story ends in the style of many fairy tales (last few words).
f. The story is about going In search of someone or something with special qualities.

Answer: a, d, e and f

Question 9: This story ends on a happy note. Complete this table to explain.

Which character?Why are they happy?
(a) The princeHe marries Mellidora whom he admires and loves.
(b) MellidoraShe marries the prince, whom she loves.
(c) The old womanShe is comforted by Mellidora and kindly received by the king’s son.
So, these were Mellidora Questions & Answers.

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