Unke Munke Timpetoo Questions & Answers

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Unke Munke Timpetoo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Rohan was not looking forward to his birthday because his mother had refused to give him a table tennis set, which he badly wanted.

2. Muk tried to help Rohan by telling him that if he wanted the table tennis set very badly, he could chant ‘Unke, Munke, Timpetoo’ seventeen times, while running around a banyan tree at midnight.

3. Rohan was afraid to enter Mrs Groover’s garden because she used to be the principal of his school and was very strict.

4. Muk did not want to go with Rohan because he was afraid of Mrs Groover and the thought of entering her garden at midnight scared him.

5. Seeing the parcel, Rohan looked at Muk because Unke, Munke, Timpetoo was a secret between them and he was very surprised to see a parcel from Unke, Munke, Timpetoo.

6. Rohan went to meet Mrs Groover because he had told her about his wish and Unke, Munke, Timpetoo and he wondered whether she had actually sent the gift.

Question 2: Read the entire text again. Say how we know that Rohan wanted the table tennis set very badly.

Answer: At the beginning of the text, the speaker says that Rohan ‘desperately wanted’ a table tennis set. Also, although he initially refused to believe in Unke, Munke, Timpetoo, Rohan kept thinking about it and could not think of anything else.

Finally, on the day before his birthday, he asked Muk to accompany him to Mrs Groover’s garden to wish for the table tennis set. Also, Rohan was delighted when he got the table tennis set even though it was not a new one.

Question 3: Suddenly, a ferocious bark tore the stillness of the night! Why did the dog bark? What happened after this? What do you think of Rohan, Muk and Mrs Groover from this incident?

Answer: Dogs have very sharp ears and it must have barked, hearing Rohan running in Mrs Groover’s garden. After this, Mrs Groover came out and threatened to unleash the dog if the intruder did not appear before her. Frightened, Muk climbed up the tree and Rohan went up to Mrs Groover and told her why he had come there. Mrs Groover heard him out patiently and asked him to complete the remaining rounds if he did believe in Unke, Munke, Timpetoo. Rohan completed the remaining six rounds and left using the front gate, as Mrs Groover had asked him to do.

This incident shows that Rohan was courageous enough to tell Mrs Groover the truth. Mrs Groover was kind and seeing his earnestness, heard Rohan out patiently and even let him complete his rounds. As for Muk, though he accompanied Rohan to Mrs Groover’s garden, he behaved in a selfish and cowardly manner when he abandoned his friend and climbed up the tree.

Unke Munke Timpetoo Questions & Answers

Question 4: Next day, the great moment came. I opened my gifts-rejoiced over my new pair of shoes and the hand-knitted pullover. Why does the speaker say it was ‘the great moment’? Do you think the speaker really ‘rejoiced’ at this point? Why?

Answer: The speaker says it was ‘the great moment’ because he was waiting eagerly to open his birthday gifts somewhere in his heart of hearts, he did think that maybe his wish for a table tennis set would come true. The speaker tried to rejoice so that his mother would be pleased to see him happy with his birthday gifts.

Question 5: Who do you think gave Rohan the table tennis set? Why do you think so?

Answer: Mrs Groover gave Rohan the table tennis set because she saw how badly Rohan wanted it and also wanted to reward him for being truthful.

Question 6: He drew a bit closer and said, “Well, Rohan, I am not saying I believe in it, but my cousin said it works…. And there is no harm in trying, don’t you think?”

This line creates a feeling of fear and excitement. Find similar lines in the story.


  • “Don’t ask me,” replied Muk. “That is how it is done, I suppose. Why not try it? It wouldn’t do any harm.”
  • However, the thought kept haunting me and I could not think of anything else.
  • The garden lay dark and silent ¡n the dim light of the moon. And there was the banyan tree, its branches swaying in the gentle breeze of the night. We jumped down, ran to the tree and looked around carefully.
  • “What if she is awake?” I whispered, pointing at Mrs Groover’s house.
  • “Nobody is awake at this ghostly hour of the night,” hissed Muk.
  • Suddenly, a ferocious bark tore the stillness of the night! I froze. Inside Mrs Groover’s house, lights turned on and the backdoor opened.
  • “Muk, Muk,” I mumbled, “say something.” But Muk was already climbing up the tree.
  • One day, I gathered all my courage and went to meet Mrs Groover.
  • I had gone over my lines a hundred times, but when she looked at me with her pale green eyes, I felt my courage vanish.

Question 7: What was your idea of Mrs Groover at the beginning of the story (before the night Rohan and Muk went to her garden)? Did it change by the end of the story? How and why?

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Mrs Groover seemed to be a very strict and stern lady since Rohan and Muk were very afraid of going into her garden. Also, Rohan had seen how she had scolded Rinkoo Lai, a big bully in his school and was very much in awe of her.

As the story progressed, we saw that Mrs Groover was patient with Rohan and heard him out. She was also kind enough to let Rohan finish his rounds. Later, Mrs Groover was friendly and even invited Rohan to have tea with her and said that she too believed in Unke, Munke, Timpetoo.

So, these were Unke Munke Timpetoo Questions & Answers.

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