The MCC Questions & Answers

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The MCC Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Rajam turn the MCC into? Can you say what it actually stands for?

Answer: Rajam turned the MCC to stand for ‘Malgudi Cricket Club’. The original MCC stands for the Marylebone Cricket Club, London.

Question 2: How did Rajam react to the name ‘Jumping Stars’?

Answer: Rajam was very happy and excited to hear out this name and even said that it is not a bad name.

Question 3: Why did Rajam suggest that they have two names for their team?

Answer: Rajam suggested that they had two names for their team because he thought they could use one name for ordinary games and other for the matches.

Question 4: How much did Swami know about bats?

Answer: Swami did not know much about bats. He could not tell the difference between a good and ordinary one.

Question 5: In what context is the Rolls Royce referred to?

Answer: Rolls Royce is referred to Junior Willard Bats.

Question 6: How does Rajam describe Junior Willard Bats?

Answer: Rajam describe Junior Willard Bats as having spring in them which makes ball fly. There are fine silk cords wound round the handle.

Question 7: Why is Swami uncomfortable while writing the letter?

Answer: Swami is uncomfortable while writing the letter because he is having trouble with spelling and the more he tried to be correct, the more muddled he used to become.

Question 8: Who finally wrote the letter and why?

Answer: Rajam finally wrote the letter because Mani declined it and Swaminathan had infinite trouble with spelling.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

They may drag us before the court if we take their name.

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Answer: Swaminathan is the speaker here.

(b) Who are ‘they’?

Answer: ‘They’ are Hobbs team (MCC).

(c) Why would they take them to the court?

Answer: They would take them to the court if they use their name.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘It is a beauty, I think,’ he cried, moved by the vision.

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Answer: Rajam is the speaker here.

(b) What does he call ‘a beauty’?

Answer: He calls the name of the team ‘Jumping Star’ a beauty.

(c) What vision is referred to here?

Answer: The Newspaper report: Jumping Stars soundly thrash the Board High School Eleven.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

‘Swaminathan noted down on a paper, ‘Vilord June – ear bat’.

(a) What was Swami writing?

Answer: Number of equipments needed for the match.

(b) What was he supposed to write?

Answer: He was supposed to write about the name of finest quality bat.

(c) What was Swami’s state of mind while writing?

Answer: Swami was uncomfortable while writing the letter.

Question 12: What is Junior Willard? What is it compared to and why?

Answer: Junior Willard is a cricket bat of a very fine quality. It is compared to the Rolls – Royce to emphasize that Willard is of the top quality – just as Rolls – Royce in the field of cars.

Question 13: When and why does Mani get aggressive with Swami?

Answer: Mani gets angry with Swami as he says he does not know what the big deal with Junior Willard bat is.

Question 14: What information does Swami give the others about Rolls-Royce cars?

Answer: Swami says that Rolls-Royce cars cost lakh, have silver engines, never give trouble or stop and never make any noise.

Question 15: What is the implication of ‘bare courtesy made Rajam offer the authorship of the letter to Mani’?

Answer: It means that Rajam knew that Mani probably could not write the letter, he still gave him a chance due to his politeness.

Question 16: What is your opinion about the letter that Rajam dictated to Swami?

Answer: I think the letter is written probably with all the formal points but one big mistake made by Rajam is that it is formal letter and he has written dear which is wrong in terms.

Question 17: What impression do you have of Swami from this extract?

Answer: Swami has ideas and sometimes he gets overruled by his friends, he is terrible speller and nervous and not very knowledgeable in Cricket.

Question 18: What qualities of Rajam are highlighted in the text?

Answer: Rajam is clearly the teacher of the group. He takes initiative in things. He has been to a fancy school and know a lot about cricket equipment.

So, these were The MCC Questions & Answers.

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