Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers

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Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tutted – made a sound expressing annoyance
  • Bustle – noisy excited activity or movement
  • Cross – angry
  • Chateau – a large French country home or castle
  • Furrowed brows – wrinkled brows, showing confusion and curiosity.
  • Monsieur – a word in French for the title, Mr.
  • Picasso – a Spanish sculptor and painter who was considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Question 1: Who was going to visit the inn? Was he someone important? How do you know?

Answer: Amandine told Yannick that their most important guest was going to visit the inn with some friends. Yes, he was a very famous painter. This is clear from the fact that Amandine asked him to make the arrangements properly as the guest was very famous.

Question 2: Why did Amandine try to remove the burnt tablecloth from the fire?

Answer: Amandine tried to remove the burning tablecloth from the fire because their guest had made a drawing on it as a tip for her father. She did not want to upset her father as the guest was the most famous painter and sculptor in the world.

Question 3: Did Amandine think her father would be angry with her for the burnt tablecloth? What tells you this?

Answer: Yes, Amandine thought that her father would be angry with her for the burnt tablecloth. We know this because she seemed nervous and quickly put the blame on Yannick even before her father asked.

Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers

Question 4: “I had worked out exactly what to do and how to do it.” What was the speaker going to do and why? What does this say about him?

Answer: The speaker planned to mend his mistake and make Amandine happy again. He wanted to go and visit the painter and request him to paint another picture for his uncle.

Question 5: “I thought she was going to lie. “ Who is the speaker talking about? Why did he think she was going to lie?

Answer: The speaker is talking about his cousin Amandine. She had blamed him for throwing the paper tablecloth into the fire. He thought she was going to lie to her father as she was crying and seemed frightened.

Question 6: ……just as I’d seen them in Brittany. What did the speaker see in Brittany? What did he compare that sight with? Do you think he was surprised that they were so similar?

Answer: The speaker saw four sailing boats in Brittany. He compared that sight with the old man’s painting. Yes, he was surprised that they were so similar.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers

 (a) How has this image of the painter been contrasted against Yannick’s first impression of him?

Answer: In Yannick’s first impression, the painter has been described as a simple ordinary man though Amandine told him that he was a very famous painter.

(b) How does Yannick’s initial reaction to the old man’s appearance prepare you for the rest of the events in the story?

Answer: Throughout the context, Yannick’s initial reaction to the old man’s appearance prepare us very dramatically for the rest of the events. Many questions arise in our mind like who is the old man? Is he a famous painter, Cezanne? Is he going to draw another painting for an unknown boy?

Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers

Question 8: Throughout the text, the famous man is described as the greatest painter in the world. And yet, at the end, he wishes his name was Cezanne. Why do you think someone who is already famous, will want to be known by the name of another famous artist? What does this say about how he feels about Cezanne?

Answer: Generally, it does not happen that a man who is famous already will want to be known by the name of another famous artist. But in the text, Picasso wanted to be known by the name of Cezanne. So, we can say that Picasso was also influenced by the personality of Cezanne.

Question 9: Choose the correct option:

(a) Yannick threw the tablecloth into the fire because……..

i. he always did this when he cleared the table.
ii. he was careless
iii. Amandine told him to do so.

(b) Uncle Bruno was angry with Amandine because……..

i. she shouted at Yannick in front of everyone.
ii. she blamed Yannick unfairly for the ruined tablecloth.
iii. she didn’t tell Yannick to save the tablecloth.

(c) According to Uncle Bruno, the unforgettable thing that had Yannick had was…….

i. that he had met a great painter.
ii. that the famous man liked his crème brulee.
iii. that a great artist had made him a painting to show his appreciation for Yannick’s effort.

(d) The artist did not get angry at Yannick for not recognizing him because…..

i. he didn’t care for what Yannick thought about him.
ii. he was touched by Yannick’s innocence and his earnest attempt to set the things right.
iii. he knew that Yannick was his friend’s nephew and meant no ill-will.

So, these were Meeting Cezanne Questions & Answers.

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