Star Sprinter Questions & Answers

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Star Sprinter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘A year and a half ago, he was not sure if he could walk again!’

(a) Who does ‘he’ refer to in this sentence?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to Nisar Ahmad.

(b) Why was he not sure if he could walk again?

Answer: He was not sure if he could walk again because he contracted the dreaded chikungunya.

(c) What helped him recover? Did he achieve his dream?

Answer: With the encouragement of his parents, his physical education teacher Surender Singh, athletics coach Sunita Rai and proper medication, he recovered. Yes, he achieved his dream.

Question 2: Why did the spectators have their eyes set on Ahmad?

Answer: The spectators had their eyes set on Ahmad because he was there on the track participating which in itself was an achievement. A year and a half ago, he was not sure if he could walk again. He was diagnosed with dreaded chikungunya and he could not lift his legs. But with his determination, he recovered and participated again.

Question 3: What should a runner’s diet consist of?

Answer: A runner’s diet should consist of proteins and vitamins.

Question 4: What obstacle did Nisar Ahmad face when he got back from Kozhikode?

Answer: When Ahmad got back from Kozhikode, he contracted the dreaded chikungunya. He also had severe muscle injuries.

Question 5: What sacrifices did Nisar Ahmad’s family make for him?

Answer: Ahmad’s parents took loans from money lenders so that he can pursue his dream. His elder sister’s wedding was also put off, and the money was used on him.

Question 6: Who played important roles in Ahmad’s success?

Answer: Ahmad’s family members, his physical education teacher, coach and Ahmad himself played important roles in Ahmad’s success.

Question 7: What qualities helped Nisar Ahmad realize his dream?

Answer: The qualities that helped Nisar Ahmad realize his dream are:

i) He showed faith, courage, and confidence.
ii) He treated problems in life as something to be overcome.
iii) When he realized he could win races, he was determined to do better and better.

Question 8: What obstacles did Nisar Ahmad face from the people around him?

Answer: From the people around him, Nisar faced the obstacles of discouragement.

Question 9: How did Surrender Singh help Nisar Ahmad overcome financial obstacles?

Answer: Surrender Singh helped Ahmad materially to overcome financial obstacles.

So, these were Star Sprinter Questions & Answers.

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