Going To A Hockey Game Questions & Answers

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Going To A Hockey Game Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. When Makoto came home and saw that his mother was in bed, he became upset because…

(a) his mother was unwell.
(b) he would have to go the hockey game with his sister.
(c) his mother would not be able to take him to watch the hockey game.

2. Asako did not want to go to the hockey game because…

(a) she had an important test.
(b) she did not like watching hockey.
(c) her mother had promised to take Makoto to the game.

3. Asako agrees to take her brother to the hockey game under the condition that…

(a) they would return home early.
(b) she would study for her test first.
(c) they would not take a bus to the hockey game.

4. The people watching the game became excited when…

(a) the White Wolf stopped the Canadian players from making points.
(b) the White Wolf defended themselves perfectly.
(c) the White Wolf could not make a single point.

5. Asako bought sweet potatoes on their way back home because…

(a) they had to walk home.
(b) the steaming sweet potatoes in their pockets would keep them warm.
(c) both of them were very hungry after the game.

Question 2: How does Makoto react when he comes home to find his mother unwell? How should he have reacted instead?

Answer: When Makoto reaches home and finds his mother unwell and in bed, he does not ask her how she is. Instead, he cries and complains about how he was going to miss the hockey game. It was a little selfish of him to react in this manner.
He should have asked his mother about her health and if he could help her in any way.

Question 3: Why does Makoto call the hockey game a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event?

Answer: Makoto calls the game a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event because he is sure that no other team will ever come to their city to play a game.

Question 4: Biting cold winds were blowing, but I couldn’t say I wanted to leave. Why could Makoto not say he wanted to leave?

Answer: Makoto could not say that he wanted to leave because he was the one who had been stubborn about coming to the hockey game.

Question 5: Why is Makoto surprised to see Asako enjoying the game? What does this tell us about him?

Answer: Makoto was surprised to see Asako enjoying the game because he thought that she did not like hockey.

This tells us that Makoto did not know his sister’s likes and dislikes very well.

Question 6: From the beginning of the story, we are told that The White Wolf is not a very good hockey team. Yet, a huge crowd goes to watch the game. Even when the team loses, everyone is happy and proud.

(a) What does this tell you about the people?

Answer: This tells us that the people went to the hockey game just to enjoy themselves and cheer for the home team.

(b) Why do you think they went to cheer for the team although they did not think that The White Wolf would win?

Answer: They went to cheer for the team because they understood the meaning of team spirit. Although they knew that The White Wolf was not a very good team, they still wanted to support the team as it was the home team.

So, these were Going To A Hockey Game Questions & Answers.

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