Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers

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Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Innisfree – The Lake Isle of Innisfree is an uninhabited island near the coast of Ireland
  • Wattles – sticks woven together to make fences
  • Glade – an open area in a forest
  • Cricket – a small brown insect that produces a rhythmical, chirping sound
  • All a glimmer – shining softly
  • Full of the linnet’s wings – full of flying linnets (songbirds)
  • Lapping – gently striking with a soft sound
  • In the deep heart’s core – in the depths of the heart

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The speaker wishes to go to_________

(a) a castle
(b) an island
(c) a dreamland

2. The speaker hopes to find _________ in Innisfree.

(a) fairies
(b) peace and tranquility
(c) love and friendship

3. The poet hears the sound of the _________ when he is away from Innisfree.

(a) linnets
(b) lake water
(c) crickets

4. In Innisfree, the poet wants to live _________

(a) in the lap of nature
(b) an active life
(c) both a and b

5. The phrase ‘bee-loud glade’ suggests _________

(a) a glade that is noisy
(b) a glade where one can hear the sound made by the bees.
(c) a glade that is full of bees.

Question 2: What desire is expressed by persona in the first line?

Answer: The persona longs to go immediately to Innisfree.

Question 3: On reaching Innisfree, what does the persona plan to do?

Answer: On reaching Innisfree, the persona wants to build a cabin of clay and sticks to live in. He also wants his imaginary garden to have nine rows to grow beans and have a beehive for honey.

Question 4: Explain the persona’s desire in the line – And live alone in the bee-loud, glade.

Answer: The persona plans to live there by himself and hear the loud drone of bees, be close to nature and not hear the drone of civilization.

Question 5: How shall the persona have peace in Innisfree? Explain ‘for peace comes dropping slow’.

Answer: The persona is talking about the calm, peaceful, slow and simple pace of life with nature and not the hustle and bustle of city life. This is the peace he describes as ‘for peace comes dropping slow’; he imagines a gentle seeping of peace slowly taking over his mind.

Question 6: How does the persona describe the various changes of the day that will soothe him?

Answer: The persona describes the changes from the lifting fog of early morning; with the rising of the sun as it disperses the fog or mist of early morning, it appears like veils that are lifted. This continues with the afternoon which is pleasant to the eye with its ‘purple glow’. The evening is full of the fluttering of numerous linnets’ wings as they fly to their nests. As night falls, the skies are shimmering with stars and it turns dark when the crickets sing from the hidden nooks in the woods, among grass and flowers.

Question 7: Explain: lake water lapping with low sounds.

Answer: The persona, because of his strong desire to be at Innisfree, hears the lake water as it lightly touches the shore with a soft sound of lapping very vividly in his imagination.

Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers

Question 8: What is the sad note on which the poem ends?

Answer: The persona expresses himself so realistically and emotionally that one feels he is living in Innisfree enjoying the peace and solitude he sought. But when he speaks of standing on the roadway, or on the grey pavements in the heart of the city, the irony is that he is only fantasizing and the sounds of nature are only heard deep in his heart’s core to show his strong yearning for Innisfree. The sad reality is he is pining about the ideal place of his desire but he may never really reach there.

Question 9: What message does the persona convey through the poem?

Answer: The persona loves the simple, peaceful life close to nature far away from the hectic life of the city. He conveys a message to the people to live close to nature for a calm, serene, tranquil and peaceful life, by being away from the busy, bustling city life.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers

(a) How is the speaker? Where does he want to go?

Answer: The speaker is the persona. He wants to go to the Lake Isle of Innisfree.

(b) What does the speaker want to build there?

Answer: The speaker wants to build a cabin of clay and wattles.

(c) Describe the place where the speaker wants to live?

Answer: The speaker wants to live in Innisfree where he will build a cabin of clay and wattles, his garden will have nine bean rows and a honey-comb in the glade with the sound of bees. He will live alone in peace and tranquility.

(d) Why does the speaker want to create his own niche?

Answer: The speaker wants to create his own niche in Innisfree because he is tired of the mundane city life with its hustle and bustle. To get away from it, all he wants to live in natural surroundings close to nature in peace and tranquility.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:


(a) The speaker in the first line says – have some peace there. Explain ‘there’.

Answer: The speaker by ‘there’ is talking about the Isle of Innisfree.

(b) Explain ‘Dropping from the veils’.

Answer: ‘Dropping from the veils’ is the slow movement of the morning fog or mist dispersing or disappearing due to the rays of the sun, as the day breaks.

(c) How does the midnight become all a glimmer?

Answer: Midnight becomes all a glimmer with the stars shining in the clear night sky.

(d) What according to the speaker will the evening be like?

Answer: The evening is full of the fluttering of linnets’ wings as they return to their nests in the nearby trees.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers

(a) Where does the speaker want to rise and go? Why does the speaker want to leave the present place?

Answer: The speaker wants to rise and go to the Lake Isle of Innisfree. He does not like the noise and bustle of life in the city with its fast pace and no peace and quiet.

(b) Which words tell you that the speaker wants to go away forever?

Answer: The words ‘go now, for always night and day’ tell us that the speaker wants to go away forever.

(c) What is the speaker seeking in the place that he wants to go to?

Answer: The speaker is seeking a life in the lap of nature where he will enjoy peace, quiet and tranquility, where life moves slowly and day and night are equally enjoyable.

(d) What sounds are calling him away from the roadway? What is the speaker longing for as he hears these sounds?

Answer: The sounds calling the speaker are ‘lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore’. He years to go to Innisfree and even in his imagination he can visualize and hear nature’s sounds that call him there right in his heart’s core.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:


(a) What has the speaker just said as he hears the water lapping?

Answer: The speaker just said that he will get up and go right then to Innisfree.

(b) Where is the speaker standing right now?

Answer: The speaker is in the city on the roadway or on the grey pavement of the city.

(c) What does ‘I hear it in the deep heart’s core’ tell you about the speaker’s state of mind?

Answer: The speaker strongly wants to be in Innisfree. His heart belongs there and to express his passion for Innisfree, he goes to the extreme of saying he hears it deep in the centre of his heart. He wants to escape the noise, drabness and shallowness of the city and live in peace and tranquility in Innisfree.

(d) On what note does the poem end?

Answer: The poem ends on a sad note. The speaker can hear the sound of the waves as they lap on the shore, right down to the depth of his heart. He has just declared he will rise and go to Innisfree but reality shocks him out of his reverie. He realizes that he is standing on the grey pavement or on the roadway of the city. In fact, the poem ends on a sad note because in reality, he may never get to his dream location on the Isle of Innisfree.

So, these were Lake Isle Of Innisfree Questions & Answers.

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