Books Poem Question & Answers

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Books Poem Question & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Companion – friends
  • Scatter – separate, move apart
  • Thro – literary or informal spelling of through
  • Comfort – a state of physical ease
  • Hurt – cause pain or injury to

Books Poem Question & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The poet compares a book to a ………….

i. magic wand
ii. light
iii. door

(b) The poet feels that books are…………….

i. the same as friends
ii. better than friends
iii. worse than friends

(c) When you open a book you fill your world with……….

i. brightness
ii. cleanliness
iii. darkness

Question 2: What is the poet’s opinion of books?

Answer: The poet thinks that books are the best companions through life.

Question 3: Why does the poet thinks that books are better than toys?

Answer: The poet thinks that books are better than toys because they don’t hurt anyone, they do not break nor do they grow old or stop working.

Question 4: What are we made aware of after we open a book?

Answer: After we open a book, we come to know about kings, dragons, stars, planets, different people, places, animals, plants and so on.

Question 5: What happens when you open and read books?

Answer: When you open and read books, they take you to strange and beautiful lands not seen before.

Books Poem Question & Answers

Question 6: Who does the poet compare books to?

Answer: The poet compares books to friends, toys and doors.

Question 7: Why does the pot call books as ‘best companions’?

Answer: The poet calls the books as ‘best companions’ because they give him joy and comfort.

Question 8: How are books different from our friends?

Answer: Books are different from our friends because they will never hurt us.

Question 9: Which unseen lands will books take you to?

Answer: The books take you to the unseen land of kings, dragons, stars, planets, people, places, animals and plants, and more.

Question 10: Why does the poet find books better than toys?

Answer: Books are better than toys because they neither break nor do they grow old or stop working.

Question 11: What happens to the darkness when you open a book?

Answer: After opening a book, the darkness scatters away and our world gets filled with brightness.

Question 12: Why is book like a door?

Answer: A book is like a door because it takes the poet to an unseen land.

Question 13: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Books give the poet joy and comfort.
(b) After opening a book, our world will fill with brightness.
(c) Books are like the best companions through life.  
(d) Books are like a door to an unseen land.
(e) Books are unlike a toy that sometimes break.                  

Question 14: Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

(a) book – cook/look/nook
(b) land – grand/stand/band

So, these were Books Poem Question & Answers.

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