The Starting Point Questions & Answers

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The Starting Point Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Exempted – free from doing that particular work.
  • Great want and deprivation – the situation of not having something due to poor economic conditions.
  • Fatigue duty – duties such as cleaning and cooking carried out in loose clothes (instead of uniform).
  • Recruit – a person who has recently joined the armed forces.
  • Cynosure – a person who is the focus of everyone’s attention.
  • Taciturn – reserved, someone who doesn’t speak much.
  • Barracks – a group of buildings in which soldiers live.
  • Anticipated – expected, known to be likely.
  • Grooming – his training to become a world-class athlete.
  • Prodding – gently pushing with a stick to urge them to run faster.
  • Privilege – an opportunity they were very proud about.
  • Innumerable – many

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Milkha Singh was surprised that he was chosen to run the 400-metre event because…………

i. he had not completed his training
ii. he had never before run a 400 metre race.
iii. he did not win the cross-country race.

(b) On finishing sixth, Milkha Singh was overwhelmed with joy by…..

i. the happiness that he was bringing his family
ii. all the cheering from friends and strangers alike.
iii. the promise of a sporting career.

(c) The ‘Eureka Moment’ helped him…….

i. plan better for the Olympics
ii. decide that he wanted to run for India and make his country proud.
iii. decide to join the Sports Academy

(d) Milkha Singh practiced every night because……..

i. he was forced to do so by his regiment leader.
ii. he wanted to be a champion in the 400 metre race.
iii. he was not allowed to practice during the day.

(e) Milkha Singh was not disheartened that he came fourth in the 400-metre event because…….

i. he had ensured his place on the 4×400 relay team.
ii. there is no place for disappointment in sports.
iii. he had run the race with India’s best athletes.

Question 2: What was the big treat that Milkha Singh looked forward to? Why does he call it a ‘big treat’?

Answer: The big treat that Milkha Singh looked forward to was getting a glass of milk every day during training. He called it a big treat because he belonged to a poor family and did not get the opportunity in his childhood to drink milk.

Question 3: Luck was with me that day…Do you think it was merely luck that helped Milkha Singh that day? Why or why not?

Answer: No, it was not merely luck. He gave his best shot and tried hard to run very fast, and then rested in such a way that he was in the lead. It was his efforts that helped him that day.

Question 4: Who was Gurudev? Why was Milkha so grateful to him?

Answer: Gurudev was a Havaldar and also the instructor of Milkha Singh. Milkha was grateful to him because he believes that it was Gurudev’s training method that helped him become a world-class athlete.

The Starting Point Questions & Answers

Question 5: So,running a quarter mile was far too easy. Why did the speaker find it so easy to run a quarter mile? Why then, did he continue to run hard? What did this practice help him achieve?

Answer: The speaker was used to running six miles every day, which is why running a quarter-mile was easy for him. He continued to train hard because he wanted to be better and improve his time. This practice helped him improve his running time until he was running 400 metres in less than a minute.

Question 6: They had an air of power and prestige about them. Who was the speaker talking about? Why did these people have an air of power and prestige about them?

Answer: The speaker was talking about the athletes whom he saw during the Brigade Meet. These athletes represented India in International sporting events. They had an air of power and prestige about them because they were the best athletes in the country.

Question 7: What “rule of thumb” did Milkha Singh fallow in practicing for the 400 metre race? Why did he call it a ‘rule of thumb’?

Answer: Milkha Singh’s rule of thumb was to run one round at the highest speed possible, then rest and then run another. He called it a rule of thumb because it was a general idea that he was using to practice instead of any specific techniques.

Question 8: How did Milkha Singh’s meeting with Brigadier SP Vohra change his life? What in your opinion, could have made Brigadier SP Vohra take those decisions to help Milkha Singh?

Answer: Brigadier SP Vohra decisions gave Milkha Singh more time to practice, better facilities, a nutritious diet and special attention for his grooming. These innumerable opportunities allowed him to fulfill his dream of running for India. I think the Brigadier took these decisions because he was impressed by Milkha Singh’s dedication.

So, these were The Starting Point Questions & Answers.

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