Maui’s Kite Questions & Answers

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Maui’s Kite Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Cross pieces – sticks crossed together to form the frame of the kite
  • Tame – make something easy to control
  • Approached – came near
  • Olona shrub – a Hawaiian plant known for its strong bark
  • Drifted – slowly and steadily
  • Gourd – a fleshy vegetable with a thick skin
  • Hasten – hurry
  • Raged – blew forcefully
  • Struggling vainly – trying without success

Question 1: How did Maui built his kite?

Answer: Maui built a grand kite for himself by using his mother’s largest, strongest piece of cloth for the covering, bamboo sticks for the cross pieces and branches of the olona shrub to make a strong rope.

Question 2: Why did Maui go to the keeper-of-the winds?

Answer: Maui went to the keeper-of-the winds because he wanted to ask for a special wind which would make his kite fly really high.

Question 3: What caused the storm?

Answer: Maui’s greed and his belief that he was as strong as the winds led him to disrespect them. He demanded that keeper-of-the winds bring out Ipu Nui, the gourd which held the Four Great Winds. When she refused to do so, he called out to the winds himself. But once the winds were unleashed, he was unable to control Ipu Nui and they caused a huge storm in his village.

Question 4: What advice did the keeper give Maui and his friends?

Answer: The keeper advised Maui and his friends to respect the winds and to never take them for granted. She told them that the winds would respect them only if they were respected in return.

Maui’s Kite Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Maui come to be known as the ‘Teacher of the weather’?

Answer: After the great storm, Maui built a smaller kite for himself which he flew near his house. He would often tie it to a rock and study its movements in the sky. Soon, he became an expert in predicting weather conditions. He warned people when it was about to rain or when a storm was approaching. And since his predictions came true, his neighbours began to rely on his advice and started respecting him once again. It was in this way that Maui came to be called the ‘Teacher of the weather’.

Question 6: How is Maui at the end of the story different from the Maui we see at the beginning?

Answer: At the beginning of the story, Maui is an arrogant boy who believes that he is as strong as the Four Great Winds. He is selfish and does not pay attention to the keeper’s advice about respecting the winds. But after the mighty storm, Maui learns his lesson and becomes more respectful of nature. He begins to observe the winds and learns to predict the weather. He uses his knowledge to help the people and wins back their trust. While earlier, he was known as ‘He-Who-Brought-the-Great-Storm’, he now comes to be referred to as the ‘Teacher-of-the-Weather’.

Question 7: What do we learn about nature from the story?

Answer: This story teaches us to respect nature. Human beings can never match up to the power of nature. They can only hope to try and learn its ways through careful observation. The story also shows us that nature can be kind to us if we respect it but it can also turn violent and cruel when we disobey its laws.

Question 8: Who said these words and why?

(a) “O winds, mighty as the gods, return to Ipu Nui.”

Answer: Maui said this in an attempt to control the mighty winds of Ipu Nui which were becoming increasingly violent.

(b) “O wind, Soft Wind of Hilo/Come gently, come mildly.”

Answer: These words were spoken by the Keeper-of-the-Winds. She used them to call upon the gentle winds of Ipu Iki which would help Maui fly his kite.

 (c) Tomorrow will be a better day to work in the fields.

Answer: Maui said this to the men who were going to work in the fields. He had observed the weather carefully and had predicted that it would rain the next day. He wanted to warn the men in advance.

So, these were Maui’s Kite Questions & Answers.

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