Five children and It Questions & Answers

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Five children and It Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Indignantly – angrily
  • Moats – deep, wide holes that are dug around a fort to protect it from being attacked.
  • Grumpily – crossly, as if in a bad mood
  • Collapsed – shrunk
  • Howled – made a loud sound in pain
  • Thoughtful – someone who cares for the needs of other people
  • Wear off – will slowly disappear

Question 1: What were the children doing when they found the Sand fairy?

Answer: The five children were building a sandcastle in a big gravel pit when they suddenly saw the sand-fairy.

Question 2: what was the name of the sand fairy? Describe it in a few sentences.

Answer: The name of the sand-fairy was Psammead. It was about the size of a large cat but with arms, legs, feet and hands like a monkey’s, long whiskers and pointed ears like a bat’s. Its eyes were on stalks, like a snail’s horns and it could stretch or shorten the. It had a husky voice.

Question 3: Do you think the children were happy when their second wish came true? Explain.

Answer: The children’s second wish was to become beautiful but they were not happy when the wish came true. They felt they looked strange and completely different. They would not have been able to recognize each other, if not for their clothes. They thought they liked each other the way they originally were. Robert said that the girls looked like silly greeting cards, which meant that they looked too bright and beautiful in an unnatural way.

Five children and It Questions & Answers

Question 4: Why did Martha not believe what the children told her? What did they do when Martha send them away?

Answer: Martha did not believe the children because they looked so different that she could not recognize them. When Martha sent them away, they began to wander down the lane. Finally, they sat down under a hedge and fell asleep there.

Question 5: Why did Martha let the children into the house again?

Answer: After the sun set, the children got back to their normal look. So, when they came back home this time, Martha let them back into the house.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Afraid!” repeated the creature indignantly. “Me? Don’t you know a Psammead when you see one?”

(a) Who is Psammead speaking to?

Answer: The Psammead is speaking to the children.

(b) Why do you think it sounds annoyed?

Answer: It sounds annoyed because the children did not recognize it. It was as though the Psammead expected everyone to know about it and recognize it.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

The Psammead’s head and whiskers drooped.

(a) What does this sentence mean?

Answer: When the author says that the Psammead’s head and whiskers dropped, he means that its face suddenly became dull and he looked sad.

(b) Why did it happen so? What do you think the Psammead is feeling?

Answer: It happened so because the children used to build castles on the beach where Psammead used to live in. However, they would dig so deep around the castles that the nasty sea would rush in. Because of this, Psammead would catch cold and die. The Psammead felt sad remembering the other Psammead’s who had died.

Five children and It Questions & Answers

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Oh! Please can we have another one?”

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Jane said this to Psammead.

(b) What is the speaker asking for? Is it something children normally get? Elaborate.

Answer: Jane was asking the Psammead for another wish. No, it is not normal and can be seen only in fairytales where fairies fulfill children wishes. When the Psammead told children that it was a sand-fairy, they got curious and asked if it could grant wishes like a real fairy. The Psammead said that it just now granted their wish by coming out of its hole. So, Jane asked Psammead if it could grant another wish.

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

“And you two girls look like silly greeting cards?”

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Robert said this to Jane and Anthea.

(b) What do you think the speaker means? Explain the comparison.

Answer: The speaker meant that the girls looked too bright and beautiful in an unnatural way in comparison to their ordinary look.

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

“They were horrible. They stopped us from coming home until now. We only just got away and we are starving.”

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Anthea says this to Martha.

(b) Who is the speaker talking about? Why does the speaker say so?

Answer: When the children went home the first time, Martha did not let them in, thinking that they were strangers. After the sunset, when the magic weared out, the children came back home and this time Martha let them in. She told them that earlier there were some children who tried to get into the house. Anthea went with the same story and said that those children had in fact stopped them from going back home and that they had run away from them. Anthea said this may be because she thought Martha would scold her or because she thought Martha would not believe her if she told her about their adventure with the Psammead.

So, these were Five children and It Questions & Answers.

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