The Visit To The Mansion Questions & Answers

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The Visit To The Mansion Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Jo wanted to ask her mother

i. if she could visit Laurie.
ii. if she could invite Laurie home.
iii. what to gift Laurie.

(b) Laurie started cleaning and arranging things in his room because

i. his grandfather had asked him to clean his room.
ii. he wanted it to look good and ready for his guest, Jo.
iii. he was bored as he had nothing to do.

(c) Jo felt sorry for Laurie because

i. he did not want to read all the books he had.
ii. his grandfather never talked to him.
iii. he was unwell and lonely while she had fun with her family.

(d) Jo started dancing when they reached the library because

i. her dream of visiting the mansion had finally come true.
ii. she was extremely happy to see the innumerable books, pictures, statues, tables and the great fireplace there.
iii. she would not have to meet old Mr Laurence in the house.

Question 2: Why did Jo toss up a snowball?

Answer: Jo tossed up a snowball to attract Laurie’s attention and make him look out of his window.

Question 3: Why did Laurie invite Jo to his house?

Answer: Laurie was unwell and alone at home. He invited Jo to come to his house as he was lonely and bored and knew that he would feel better if he had someone to talk to.

Question 4: What gifts did Jo bring for Laurie? Which one did he like the most?

Answer: Jo brought some blancmange and three tint kittens for Laurie. He liked the kittens the most.

Question 5: How did Laurie know all the March sisters?

Answer: Laurie could often hear the March sisters talking to each other. Sometimes, he also saw them sitting around the table with their mother. That is how he knew all of them.

Question 6: Why did Laurie’s grandfather not allow him to visit their neighbours?

Answer: Mr Laurence thought that people who did not know Laurie would feel disturbed if Laurie visited them. So, he did not allow him to visit their neighbours.

Question 7: “What richness!” sighed Jo. What do you think Jo is referring to?

Answer: Jo is referring to the innumerable books in the library.

Question 8: Why did Laurie leave Jo alone in the library? Did she mind? Why/Why not?

Answer: Laurie went to meet the doctor who had come to check if he was recovering well. No, Jo did not mind. She was very happy to be surrounded by the innumerable books and was looking at the portraits with great curiosity and interest.

Question 9: “Theodore Laurence, you should be the happiest boy in the world.” Was he the happiest boy? Why/Why not?

Answer: Laurie was very lonely so, he was very unhappy. He could hear the March sisters talking to each other and playing together all day but he had no one to talk to. Sometimes, he could see them sitting with their mother at a table. This made him sadder as it reminded him that he did not have the warmth and loving company of his family.

Question 10: “I’m not afraid of anything,” Jo replied. Was Jo really very brave? Explain.

Answer: No, Jo was not very brave. On hearing the bell, Jo thought that old Mr Laurence had returned and with great alarm, asked Laurie what she should do. She was really frightened that she would meet old Mr Laurence in the house.

So, these were The Visit To The Mansion Questions & Answers.

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