Matilda Can Do Magic Questions & Answers

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Matilda Can Do Magic Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the astounding event that had occurred? Why didn’t Matilda choose to confide in her parents about it?

Answer: The astounding event that is being referred to is that Matilda had made a glass of water fall all over Miss Trunchbull, using the power of her mind. Matilda didn’t think she could tell her parents because they wouldn’t believe that she could have done this by herself in the first place.

Question 2: Describe in your words how Matilda made the glass tip over.

Answer: Without opening her mouth and without sound she ordered “Tip glass, tip” she simply shouted the inside her head. She then concentrated her mind and kept shouting inside her head for the glass to go over. Gradually, the glass tilted, toppled right over on the tabletop.

Question 3: “Could you do it again?” What does the speaker want Matilda to do? Why does she ask her to do it again?

Answer: The speaker wants Matilda to tip the glass over again. She asks her to perform the action ‘again’ because she doesn’t believe Matilda could have done it and wants Matilda to realise that it is all part of her imagination.

Question 4: “You seemed so far away.” What did Miss Honey mean when she said these words?

Answer: In saying that Matilda “seemed so far away”, Miss Honey means that Matilda had been so completely involved in performing the act of magic that it appeared to have transported her into another world altogether.

Question 5: Even though Miss Honey does not believe Matilda at first, she gives Matilda the chance to prove herself. What does this say?

Answer: The fact that Miss Honey gives Matilda the chance to prove herself even when she doesn’t believe her tells us that she is patient and understanding. We also learn that she cares enough about children to listen and consider their ideas and opinions. These qualities give us the confidence that she is just the sort of person that Matilda can confide in.

So, these were Matilda Can Do Magic Questions & Answers.

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