In Father’s Presence Questions & Answers

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In Father’s Presence Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Industrious – hard-working
  • Smothering a smile – trying not to smile
  • Pestered – irritated someone by asking something repeatedly
  • Scandalous – here, wrong and shocking
  • Avarice – greed
  • Invest – here, fill
  • Without conviction – without being sure
  • Obscure point – here, unclear question
  • Improbable price – unlikely cost
  • Harassing – annoying someone
  • Hideous regions – here, unpleasant topics
  • Woebegone – very unhappy
  • The whole brood – here, all of them
  • Contradicted – here, be told that he was wrong

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Swaminathan had not touched his books because

i. he had holidays
ii. he did not like to study
iii. the examinations were over
iv. all of the above

(b) ‘He expected to be contradicted any moment’ because

i. he was not sure if the answer was correct.
ii. his father always found he was wrong.
iii. he did not like Mathematics.
iv. he knew the answer was wrong.

Question 2: Frame questions for these answers:

(a) The dust on the table and books showed Father that Swami hadn’t touched his books.

Question: How did Swami’s Father come to know that Swami was not studying at all?

(b) Swami took half an hour to clean his table and dust his books.

Question: How much time did Swami take to clean his table and dust his books?

(c) Father gave Swami a sum to do from his textbook.

Question: What assignment did Swami’s Father give him to do?

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) Swami was not sure whether he had to add, subtract, multiply or divide – True
(b) Fractions were easy for Swami to do – False
(c) Father thrashed Swami when he could not answer him – False
(d) Swami disappeared and did not go to the club – False

Question 4: How did father know Swami had not been studying at all?

Answer: Swami’s father had seen the table and books of Swami which were full of dust and cobwebs so, he came to know that Swami had not been studying at all.

Question 5: Swaminathan viewed this question as a gross breach of promise. What was the question? What was the promise his father was breaking?

Answer: Swami’s father asked him since how many days he has not touched his books as the books were full of dust. His father promised that he needn’t study after his examination but now, he was breaking his promise by telling him to study.

Question 6: Half an hour later, Swaminathan sat in his father’s room in a chair. Why was Swaminathan in his father’s room? What happened after this?

Answer: Swaminathan’s father ordered him to come to his room for study. Later, he gave him an arithmetic sum to solve.

In Father’s Presence Questions & Answers

Question 7: Every time he read it, it seemed to acquire a new meaning. What was Swaminathan reading? What new meanings did he find?

Answer: Swaminathan was reading the arithmetic sum again and again. He was not good at mathematics questions and he had no idea about how to solve it. he got confused why mangoes price are set so high, whether mangoes are ripe and what type of person Rama is, who is selling mangoes? Such questions were raising in his mind.

Question 8: Swaminathan waited with interest for the miracle to happen. What was the miracle? Did Swaminathan think the miracle would happen?

Answer: Swami was unable to solve the sum so, his father told him that he would make him give the answer. Swami thought that this would be a miracle because he knew that he could not solve this sum and even his father could not do any miracle to make him give the answer.

Question 9: What does Swami think of when he reads the sum? Why do you think he thinks of those things?

Answer: When Swami read the question, he had the feeling of having stepped into a fearful maze. Various thoughts came to his mind, his mouth began to water. He wondered why Rama had set the price of mangoes so high, what kind of person was he?
All such thoughts were coming to his mind because he had no idea about how to solve the sum.

Question 10: What does Swami think about fractions? Why?

Answer: Swami thought that fractions are very unpleasant topic. Swami may not like fractions because it is a boring topic and require a lot of thinking and one has to apply his brain to solve them.

Question 11: Would you like to come with me to the club, boy? He asked. Who asked this? Whom did he ask? Why?

Answer: Swami’s father asked this to Swami. He felt sorry for troubling Swami for the whole afternoon and now, he wanted to make him happy.

Question 12: It was plain sailing after that. What does plain sailing mean here? Did he go through the sum easily after that?

Answer: Here, plain sailing means that the sum was very simple to solve. Yes, he solved the sum easily after that.

Question 13: The whole brood of Ramas and Krishnas with their endless transactions…..were getting disgusting. What does the above line mean? Why were Ramas and Krishnas and their deals with mangoes making Swami sick?

Answer: The line shows that the sum was very difficult to understand for him. Ramas and Krishnas were dealing in an ugly manner as he was confused, “were the mangoes ripe?”

So, these were In Father’s Presence Questions & Answers.

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