Dear Mrs Naidu Question & Answers

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Dear Mrs Naidu is an extract from the novel of the same name by Mathangi Subramanian. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Indian Weavers, Palanquin Bearers and In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad so, you can check these posts as well.

Dear Mrs Naidu Question & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Sarojini is writing a letter to Mrs. Naidu because

i. her teacher had given her an assignment
ii. her mother told her it was alright to do so.
iii. she liked Mrs. Naidu

(b) Why does Sarojini cross out the words ‘dead deceased passed on’?

i. They did not convey what she wanted to say.
ii. She thought her teacher would not like it.
iii. She felt telling someone that they are dead was rude.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Sarojini was reading a book about Sarojini Naidu.
(b) Vimala Madam gave her the book.
(c) Sarojini liked the book so much that she decided to complete it.

Question 3: Highlight the correct word:

(a) Annie Miss was like/not like any teacher Sarojini had known before.
(b) Annie Miss told them learning by heart without understanding was useful/ of no use.
(c) Sarojini did/did not quite agree with Annie Miss.

Question 4: Why does Sarojini stay late at school?

Answer: Sarojini stays late at school because her mother was working at different places. Her mother was also working at Mrs Vimala’s house where Sarojini didn’t want to go.

Question 5: Why does Sarojini like Mrs Naidu?

Answer: Sarojini likes Mrs Naidu because she likes Mrs Naidu’s childhood as she stood up to her teachers and parents during any conflict and takes a stand for her. Sarojini likes her such kind of determined nature.

Question 6: Who is Vimala Madam? Does Sarojini like to go to her house? Why?

Answer: Vimala Madam was a rich lady where Sarojini’s mother works. She doesn’t like to go to her house because she dislikes her.

Dear Mrs Naidu Question & Answers

Question 7: What reasons does Sarojini give for going to school? Why do you go to school?

Answer: Sarojini goes to school to learn, to pass the exam then, go to college and get a job and after that she would buy a good house.
We go to school to learn and become a good human being.

Question 8: What was Sarojini’s first assignment? What did she do to complete it?

Answer: Sarojini’s first assignment was to write a letter to someone she would like to get to know better. She picked Mrs Naidu to write a letter to. She wrote a letter by addressing Mrs Naidu although she was no more alive. She completed her assignment by introducing herself to Mrs Naidu through that letter.

Question 9: What do you know about Sarojini?

Answer: Sarojini is a 12 years old girl. She studies in sixth class and topped her fifth class. She lives in a small house. She likes to learn, go to college, to get a job and buy a big house.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:
She says memorizing things and saying them back make you a parrot, not a person. She says she want to grow her brains and our hearts.

(a) Who is “she” in these lines?

Answer: Sarojini’s new teacher, Annie Miss is “she” in these lines.

(b) Does Sarojini seem to agree with the option that memorizing things makes you a parrot?

Answer: No, Sarojini doesn’t seem to agree with the opinion

(c) What do you understand by growing one’s heart?

Answer: Growing one’s heart means being compassionate and nice to others.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
I’m sorry if that was rude, but I’ve never written to a dead deceased passed on historical person before, so I don’t really know the polite way to say that you are dead it.

(a) Who is writing these lines? Whom are the lines addressed to?

Answer: These lines are written by Sarojini. She is addressing these lines to Sarojini Naidu.

(b) What is the writer referring to when she says “that was rude”?

Answer: The writer is referring to call someone dead.

(c) What can you say about the writer based on the way she has rewritten her word?

Answer: I can say that the writer is innocent, respectful and extremely curious.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
I don’t know if this true or just a story, but if I had a house more than one room, there are plenty of times I would’ve looked myself behind the closed door.

(a) Which “story” is being to refer to here?

Answer: The story of a young Sarojini Naidu locking herself in a room because she disagreed with her parents.

(b) What can we understand about Sarojini’s life at home from this sentence?

Answer: Sarojini’s life at home was limited to one room where she stayed with her mother.

So, these were Dear Mrs Naidu Question & Answers.

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