The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers

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The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:
Everyone turned and looked at her in astonishment.

(a) Which woman is being referred to here?

Answer: The old governess, Amalie Schmidt, is being referred to here.

(b) Why did everyone look at her in astonishment?

Answer: Everyone looked at her in astonishment because she usually sat silently and primly at her place and never spoke unless someone spoke to her. Today, she had suddenly spoken out of turn, replying unexpectedly to the Baroness.

(c) In what manner did she continue? Why?

Answer: She meaning Amalie continued rapidly and nervously. She spoke in that manner because she was feeling awkward to be talking in front of so many people out of turn. Yet, she was also determined to talk and explain about the legend so, she spoke rapidly.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
The answer to her taunt was even more unexpected and astonishing.

(a) Who is being referred to here?

Answer: Baroness Gruebel is being referred to here.

(b) What was the taunt? Whom was the speaker taunting and why?

Answer: The Baroness had taunted Amalie saying she did not know that Amalie was an expert in family histories because Amalie had challenged her. She had explained what the legend really was and that it would not apply to someone who was not a von Cernogratz.

(c) What was the answer to the taunt? Why was it unexpected and astonishing?

Answer: Amalie’s answer to the Baroness’ taunt was that she knew the legend because she herself was a von Cernogratz. It was unexpected and astonishing because the Baroness and her guests knew Amalie as an old and poor governess whereas von Cernogratz which was an old and rich family which had owned the castle.

The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
It was an impertinence.

(a) Who said these words? How did he or she speak? Why?

Answer: The Baron said these words. He snapped as he spoke because he was angry.

(b) What was the impertinence? Why was it considered an impertinence?

Answer: The impertinence was Amalie’s claim that she was actually a von Cernogratz. It was considered an impertinence because the Baron did not believe her. He thought she was trying to prove herself to be superior to them.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
“That music is not to be bought for any amount of money,” said Conrad.

(a) Which music was Conrad referring to? Why did he call it ‘music’?

Answer: Conrad referring to the howling of the wolves. He called it music because he found it strange and wonderful; that the wolves were howling right at that time when the governess was ill and possibly dying.

(b) What did he say this in response to?

Answer: Conrad said this in response to the Baroness’ comment that she would not have such music – meaning the wolves’ howling – for much money. She found the sound disturbing.

(c) Why did he say that the music could not be bought?

Answer: He said that the music could not be bought because he believed the legend. He knew that they, the human beings, could not control the music in any way. They could not make the wolves howl nor could they make the wolves stop howling.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
One is sorry for her of course………But it is extremely annoying all the same.

(a) Who is the speaker? Who was he or she referring to?

Answer: The speaker is Baroness Gruebel. She was referring to Amalie, the governess.

(b) Why was the speaker both annoyed with and sorry for the person?

Answer: The Baroness was sorry for Amalie because she was ill and looked withered and shrunken. She was annoyed because Amalie could not work as much as usual when there were so many guests in the house.

(c) Do you think the speaker really felt both annoyed and sorry? Why do you think so?

Answer: I think the Baroness was not really sorry for Amalie. She was just annoyed that Amalie could not work as much as usual. She was already angry with Amalie because she had claimed that she was a von Cernogratz, an old and famous family.

The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers

Question 6: Complete the sentences:

(a) Baroness Grueble had not believed the legend because when her mother-in-law had died in the castle, no wolves had howled.
(b) The governess explained that the legend did not apply to everyone because the wolves howled only when a member of the von Cernogratz family died in the castle.
(c) The governess knew all about the legend because she herself was a von Cernogratz.
(d) According to the Baron, the governess knew about the legend because she had been talking to the peasants about the old Cernogratz family and because her grandfather may have been a pantry boy in the castle.
(e) The small lapdog crept shivering under the sofa because it sensed that something strange was going on – the dogs outside were barking loudly and angrily.
(f) The old governess told the Baroness to leave the windows open because she wanted to listen to the wolves’ howling – she believed that they had come to sing for her.

Appreciating The Text

Answer 1(a):

Fraulein Schmidt is introduced to the readers as an old governess working with the Baron’s family. She usually sits silently and primly at her place never speaking unless spoken to.

Answer 1(b):

Conrad feels that the legend is weird and romantic because although his family is very practical, he himself has the sensitive and imaginative nature of a poet.

The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers

Answer 2(a):

The Gruebels are surprised and angry at the governess’s revelation. They think she is being rude and untruthful because they do not like to think that she may belong to a more important family than themselves.

Answer 2(b):

The governess talks unexpectedly explaining the legend and then reveals that she is in fact a member of the von Cernogratz family.

Answer 2(c):

Yes, Conrad believes the governess’s words because he does not agree with his family when they call the governess rude and dishonest. He keeps quiet because he noticed that the old woman had tears in her eyes when speaking of her memories.

Answer 3(a):

The Baroness is at first angry that the governess cannot work as much as usual. When the wolves start howling unexpectedly as they are said to do according to the legend, she feels curious to see whether the wolves are howling because the governess is actually dying so, she goes to the governess’s room when the latter is on her deathbed.

Answer 3(b):

The governess finds it beautiful that the wolves have come to sing for her. She does not feel lonely anymore as they remind her that she is part of a great old family. She speaks to the governess in an unusually commanding voice although she is weak and ill. That is because she no longer feels like she works for the Baroness. She knows she is dying and she feels satisfied that the legend has come true for her.

Answer 3(c):

Conrad is fascinated by the strange occurrence. We know this because when the wolves start howling, he thinks that there must be hundreds of them. later, he says that the music – the howling of wolves cannot be bought for money. The occurrence is weird and mysterious at the same time.

So, these were The Wolves of Cernogratz Questions & Answers.

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