The Mother Bird Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Mother Bird Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Walter de la Mare. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Heartwood, A Sea Of Foliage and An Unknown Friend so, you can check these posts as well.

The Mother Bird Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Beseeching – pleading
  • Meekly – gently and timidly
  • Dagger bill – the beak of the bird, which was sharp and shaped like a dagger or short knife
  • Pipe – speak or sing in a high voice
  • Solitary – only one
  • Desperate – ready to do anything
  • Valiant – brave
  • Vivid – very clear
  • Sneaked – moved quietly so that he would not be noticed

Question 1: What did the speaker mean by ‘green twilight’?

Answer: The meaning of the word ‘twilight’ is very dim light which is either during early morning or late evening. The speaker was watching a bird through a hedge. Since it was twilight and the sunlight was coming into the hedge through the gaps of green leaves and twigs, the speaker calls it ‘green twilight’.

Question 2: Why did the speaker think the bird to be both meek and brave?

Answer: The speaker describes the mother bird as both meek and brave because the bird first looks at the speaker timidly and fearing the security of its young ones, it pleads the speaker to leave the place. But just after that, it opens its sharp dagger like beak and makes fierce noise to frighten the speaker.

Question 3: I peered….Find one more thing that the speaker’s eyes do and one thing that the bird’s eyes do in the poem. Why has the speaker used these words to describe what his and the bird’s eyes were doing?

Answer: The other thing that the boy’s eyes were doing is spying the bird. He was spying the bird and its nest because he wanted to see the mother bird that how it was conscious about its young ones in the nest.

On the other hand, the mother bird was beseeching the speaker because it had noticed the speaker and she did not like any intruder around her nest. So, she was watchful and pleading the speaker to leave the place.

Question 4: What was the call of the bird like? What was it not like?

Answer: The call of the bird was like a sharp solitary note with a fierce and vivid cry. It was not like a chirp that sparrows pipe at the daybreak or a trill that falters through the quiet evening.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

Off, like a fool afraid, I sneaked

(a) Why did the speaker feel ‘like a fool afraid’?

Answer: When the bird made a passionate note of victory, the speaker left the place as if he was scared of the bird’s warning. In fact, he was not afraid but he left the place to give relief to the bird. In this way, he pretended to be a fool afraid.

(b) Why does he describe his movement as ‘sneaking off’?

Answer: He describes his movement as ‘sneaking off’ because he did not want to disturb the mother bird or to frighten her. So, he left the place quietly without being noticed by it.

So, these were The Mother Bird Questions & Answers.

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