Little Hearts Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Little Hearts Questions & Answers.

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Little Hearts Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rills – small streams of water
  • Puddle – a small amount of water collected on the ground
  • Took off – removed
  • Plumped – pushed
  • Splashed – move through water making drops fly everywhere
  • Soiled – something dirty
  • Howl – cry loudly
  • Wiped off – removed or cleaned completely

Question 1: How were the girls dressed?

Answer: The girls were dressed in new clothes. The little girl was wearing a green skirt and the older a pink skirt.

Question 2: Why were the girls dressed up in new clothes?

Answer: They were dressed up in new clothes because there was a festival in the village.

Question 3: Where did the two girls want to play?

Answer: The two girls wanted to play in a large puddle.

Question 4: Akulka grew angry at Malasha. What made her angry?

Answer: Malasha plumped her foot into the water. The muddy water splashed and fell not only on Akulka’s new dress, but also on her face. Seeing mud spots on her dress, Akulka grew angry with Malasha.

Question 5: Who tried to stop the quarrel?

Answer: Akulka’s grandmother tried to stop the quarrel.

Question 6: How did the quarrel end?

Answer: When people saw that the two girls are playing together nicely and have become friends again, they realised their mistake. They felt ashamed, laughed at themselves and stopped fighting. That is how the quarrel ended.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

1. “Don’t go Malasha!” Akulka warned her not to

(a) get their shoes spoil
(b) get their school bags wet
(c) get injured

2. “Let’s remove our shoes and play.” It shows that Akulka was

(a) careless
(b) afraid of her parents
(c) interested in cleanliness

3. “Don’t be afraid!” said Akulka, _____

(a) to warn Malasha
(b) to threaten Malasha
(c) to give confidence to Malasha

4. Akulka’s mother gave a slap on Malasha’s face because

(a) she quarreled with her daughter
(b) she made her daughter’s dress dirty
(c) she committed theft in her house

5. The men also joined the scene. Here ‘scene’ refers to the

(a) quarrel
(b) puddle
(c) war

Question 8: Rearrange the following sentences in the order of their occurrence in the story.


…8…Akulka and Malasha threw pieces of paper in water and played together.
…4…Akulka’s mother slapped Malasha.
…2…They wanted to play in the puddle.
…7…Akulka and Malasha made a new rill to let the water flow.
…5…The members of the two families started fighting.
…1…It was Sunday and the two little girls were in their new dresses.
…6…Grandma tried to stop the quarrel.
…3…Malasha splashed the muddy water on Akulka’s dress.

So, these were Little Hearts Questions & Answers.

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