A Bird Came Down The Walk Questions & Answers

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A Bird Came Down The Walk Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Raw – not cooked
  • Convenient – nearby
  • Glanced – gave a quick look
  • Rapid – moving quickly
  • Frightened – afraid
  • Stirred – moved
  • Cautious – very careful
  • Leap – jump
  • Plashless – smoothly

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who is addressed as ‘he’ in the poem?

i. the butterfly
ii. the grass
iii. the bird
iv. the worm

(b) The bird bit an angleworm in

i. halves
ii. three parts
iii. four parts
iv. none of these

(c) The bird drank a dew from a convenient

i. plant
ii. tree
iii. grass
iv. all of these

(d) The poet offered the bird a

i. crumb
ii. biscuit
iii. piece of bread
iv. chocolate

(e) Who was seeing the bird?

i. farmer
ii. worm
iii. poet
iv. dew

Question 2: Who is the poet talking about in this poem?

Answer: The poet is talking about a bird in this poem.

Question 3: What is the poem about?

Answer: The poem is about a normal occurrence in nature of bird searching for its food and its interaction with a human being.

Question 4: Who is referred to as fellow in the poem?

Answer: An angleworm is referred to as fellow in the poem.

Question 5: What does the poet encounter?

Answer: The poet encounters a bird on the walk who eats an angle- worm, drink a dew from grass and then steps aside to let a beetle pass.

Question 6: What did the bird drink?

Answer: The bird drank dew from the grass.

Question 7: What did the poet offer the bird?

Answer: The poet offered the bird a crumb.

Question 8: What did the bird do with its feathers?

Answer: The bird spread out its feathers and flew away.

Question 9: How does the poet describe the eyes of the bird?

Answer: The poet describes the eyes of the bird like the frightened beads.

Question 10: Identify the figure of speech in – “They looked like frightened beads”.

Answer: The figure of speech in this line is simile.

Question 11: Why has the poet called the grass ‘convenient’?

Answer: The poet has called the grass ‘convenient’ because it was very easy for the bird to have dew from it.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

They looked like frightened Beads, I thought,
He stirred his Velvet Head.

(a) Why did the bird’s eyes look like frightened beads?

Answer: The bird’s eyes look like frightened beads because someone had seen him eating angleworm.

(b) What was the bird looking for?

Answer: The bird was looking here and there to find out whether someone was watching him.

Question 13: How did the bird behave when he did not know that the speaker was watching?

Answer: The bird behaves in a very natural manner because he did not notice that the speaker was watching. He acted like a normal bird, ate angle-worms and drank dew from grass.

Question 14: Why does the speaker offer food to the bird?

Answer: The speaker loved that bird and felt pity for him. She saw that he was eating an angle worm which was raw. So, she offered a bread crumb to the bird.

Question 15: Justify the statement – “nature is self-sufficient” in the context of the poem.

Answer: The poet describes the bird and its interaction with a human being. The bird is happy and he is eating an angleworm. He drinks dew from the grass and is not aware of the person. But when the speaker throws a crumb, he flies away. For this, the speaker says that ‘Nature is self-sufficient’. We should not disturb them and should not interfere into their lives.
So, these were A Bird Came Down The Walk Questions & Answers.

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