The Matter with Water Questions & Answers

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The Matter with Water Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Depends – relies on somebody or something
  • Worried – thinking about something that is not nice and feeling sad and afraid
  • Appearances – the way something looks
  • Pebbles – smooth, round stones that are found in or near water
  • Plankton – very tiny plants and animals that live in water
  • Pollution – making air, water or soil dirty
  • Comfortable – feeling physically relaxed in a good way

Question 1: Why is water worried?

Answer: Water is worried because people are not looking after it the way they should.

Question 2: Name four uses of water.

Answer: Drinking, Cooking, bathing and washing are the four uses of water.

Question 3: Why are farms close to rivers?

Answer: Farms are close to rivers so that the crops can be provided with sufficient water to make the soil fertile.

Question 4: What are the creatures that live in water?

Answer: Fish, plants, crabs, turtles and millions of little creatures called plankton live in water.

Question 5: How can we help keep water clean?

Answer: We can keep the water clean by not throwing garbage into it.

Question 6: How can we help to reduce water wastage?

Answer: We can help to reduce water wastage by following ways:

  • Never leave a tap open.
  • Get a leaking tap repaired.
  • Don’t throw garbage into seas or lakes.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

Do you know………………than land does.

(a) Who is saying the above sentence?

Answer: Water is saying the above sentence.

(b) Why is Earth called the Blue Planet?

Answer: Earth is called the Blue Planet as when seen from space, the earth appears blue in colour because most of it is covered with water.

(c) In what form does water cover Earth?

Answer: Water covers the Earth in the form of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and ponds.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

But I see…………………without me.

(a) In what ways are humans making things difficult for water?

Answer: Humans are making things difficult for water by throwing garbage in it.

(b) What would happen to the living things if all the water got polluted?

Answer: All the living things would die if all the water got polluted.

(c) What is poisonous for creatures that live in water?

Answer: The waste and the chemicals that are thrown in the rivers are poisonous for the creatures that live in water.
So, these were The Matter with Water Questions & Answers.

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