My Dog is From Neptune Questions & Answers

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My Dog is From Neptune Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The narrator’s dog is from

(a) Pluto
(b) Mars
(c) Neptune

2. The narrator got the dog from

(a) aliens from Neptune
(b) his parents
(c) astronauts from Mars

3. The narrator named his dog Shoe because

(a) it liked to eat shoes
(b) it looked like a shoe
(c) the first thing it ate was a shoe

Question 2: What did the narrator’s parents like to do on weekends?

Answer: The narrator’s parents liked to go on trips to outer space on weekends.

Question 3: What was the narrator’s favourite dish?

Answer: The narrator’s favourite dish was ‘Pluto pancakes’.

Question 4: Where did the narrator’s parents keep their spaceship?

Answer: The narrator’s parents kept their spaceship in the garage.

Question 5: What did Shoe like to eat?

Answer: Shoe liked to eat what the narrator was eating, but he disliked his earthly dog food.

Question 6: What did the narrator teach the dog to do?

Answer: The narrator had to start teaching Shoe basic tricks and skills again, such as playing dead, rolling over, shuffling cards, cooking, and using a computer.

Question 7: In what context does the narrator say that ‘all Neptunians are good sports’?

Answer: The narrator mentions that Shoe never makes someone feel worse when he wins races against Earth dogs because ‘all Neptunians are good sports.’

Question 8: Write a few lines about the dog’s eating habits.

Answer: Shoe can eat more food than anyone on earth ever could, even more than the narrator’s uncle, who can eat the most food in the entire world, and he enjoys eating what the narrator is having.

Question 9: Why were Shoe and the narrator hoping that his parents won’t bring back a cat?

Answer: Shoe and the narrator were hoping that their parents wouldn’t bring back a cat because they didn’t want a cat as a new pet, or Shoe might not get along with a cat.

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. “… I had to start teaching him all over again.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is the narrator.

(b) Who is being referred to as ‘him’?

Answer: ‘Him’ refers to the dog, Shoe.

(c) What does the speaker want to teach ‘him’?

Answer: The speaker wants to teach Shoe basic tricks and skills again.

2. “Shoe and I are both hoping that they don’t bring back a cat.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is the narrator.

(b) Who is being referred to as ‘they’?

Answer: ‘They’ refers to the narrator’s parents.

(c) Where are ‘they’ going?

Answer: ‘They’ are going to Saturn for a barbecue.

Question 11: Did the narrator and Shoe share a good bond? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, the narrator and Shoe share a good bond because the narrator affectionately describes Shoe and expresses contentment with Shoe being from Neptune. They also share concerns about the possibility of their parents bringing back a cat, indicating a shared attachment.

Question 12: Why would dogs and squirrels possibly be enemies on Neptune?

Answer: It is suggested that dogs and squirrels might be enemies on Neptune because Shoe constantly barks at squirrels on Earth. This implies that on Neptune, there may be a history of dogs and squirrels having a rivalry.

Question 13: Even though it is from Neptune, why do you think Shoe was able to quickly adapt to life on Earth?

Answer: Shoe adapted quickly because it can be inferred that Shoe’s exceptional intelligence and ability to mimic human activities made it easier for him to adjust to life on Earth.

Question 14: What are people from other planets called? Write a few lines about them.

Answer: People from other planets are called “aliens.”

  • An alien does not belong to Earth.
  • They do not look like human beings.
  • They travel in spaceships.
  • They communicate with us through signals.

So, these were My Dog is From Neptune Questions & Answers.

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