A Burger’s Story Questions & Answers

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A Burger’s Story Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Delicious – very tasty
  • Restaurant – a place where you can buy and eat food
  • Customers – people who buy things from a shop
  • Chef – the person who cooks in a restaurant

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. This story is about a

(a) Sandwich
(b) wrap
(c) burger

2. Lucy loved it when children found her

(a) happy
(b) delicious
(c) sweet

3. Every morning, Lucy woke up in a

(a) House
(b) Restaurant
(c) zoo

4. The restaurant started giving children a

(a) Free bowl of toffees
(b) free bowl of salad
(c) lollypop

5. Lucy was happy as she was making the children eat

(a) Healthy
(b) sugar
(c) cake

Question 2: Who was Lucy?

Answer: Lucy was a burger.

Question 3: List the things she had in her filling.

Answer: Lucy had cottage cheese, potato patty, tomato sauce and cheese slices as filling

Question 4: What happened when Lucy and her friends were watching TV?

Answer: While watching TV, Lucy and her friends heard that burgers were making children fat.

Question 5: What did the restaurant do to the children who went to eat every day?

Answer: The restaurant asked such children to come back only on weekends.

Question 6: Name the things that the children got for free.

Answer: Children got a bowl of salad free with the children’s meal and a toffee on adding two vegetables to a burger.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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