A Gentle Owner Questions & Answers

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A Gentle Owner Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The two boys jumped over the wall – False
2. The boys soon reached a park – False
3. There were many mango trees in the orchard – True
4. The watchman caught Rohan – False
5. The owner gave the boys mangoes – True

Question 2: Who ran out of the classroom?

Answer: Ankur, Rohan and Joy ran out of the classroom.

Question 3: Where was the mango orchard?

Answer: The mango orchard was just one hundred yards from the school.

Question 4: Who was caught by the watchman?

Answer: Ankur was caught by the watchman.

Question 5: What did the watchman have in his hand?

Answer: The watchman had a stick in his hand.

Question 6: Who managed to jump over the wall?

Answer: Rohan and Joy managed to jump over the wall.

Question 7: What did the watchman do to Ankur?

Answer: The watchman held Ankur’s hand tightly and dragged him to the orchard owner.

Question 8: Why was Ankur feeling ashamed?

Answer: Ankur was feeling ashamed because he was caught red-handed.

Question 9: What did the owner ask the watchman?

Answer: The owner asked the watchman to bring a basket of mangoes.

Question 10: What did the owner do to the boys?

Answer: The owner gave the boys a basket of mangoes and forgave them.

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