Birbal The Wise Questions & Answers

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Birbal The Wise Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Wise – intelligent
  • Emperor – king
  • Palace – castle
  • Cheer – to make happy
  • Mistake – fault
  • Realized – felt
  • Declared – announced

Question 1: Why did Akbar ask Birbal to leave the palace?

Answer: Akbar was not in a good mood. When Birbal tried to cheer him up, he got angry and asked Birbal to leave the palace.

Question 2: What did Akbar decide when Birbal couldn’t be found?

Answer: When Birbal couldn’t be found, Akbar decided to get a new minister to take Birbal’s position.

Question 3: Why did the emperor test the wise men?

Answer: The emperor tested the wise men because he wanted to find an intelligent minister like Birbal.

Question 4: Who came to the royal court? What did the students say about him?

Answer: The teacher and his two students came to the royal court. The students said that the teacher was more intelligent than Birbal.

Question 5: Why did Akbar decide to make the teacher a minister?

Answer: Akbar decided to make the teacher a minister because he had answered all the questions wisely.

Question 6: Did the teacher really perform a miracle? How do you know?

Answer: No, he did not perform any miracle because the teacher was Birbal himself. He had pulled out his false beard and hair.

Question 7: Why did Birbal come to royal court dressed in someone else?

Answer: Birbal came to royal court dressed in someone else as he wanted to see if the king had become calm or not.

So, these were Birbal The Wise Questions & Answers.

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