Christmas Song Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Christmas Song Questions & Answers.

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Christmas Song Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trick – to make others believe
  • Courtyard – open space
  • Straight – direct
  • Sly – cunning
  • Hillside – hilly area
  • Crumbs – small piece of bread

Question 1: Who said these words?

(a) I’ll show you the pretty green muffler around my neck.

Answer: Old Grey Cat

(b) I don’t want to see the spot on your tail.

Answer: Robin Redbreast

(c) I’ll give you some crumbs.

Answer: Small boy

(d) I’m flying straight to the king.

Answer: Robin Redbreast

(e) We can find him a friend.

Answer: Queen

(f) Let us find out from our helpers.

Answer: King

Question 2: Why did Robin Redbreast want to go to the king?

Answer: Robin Redbreast wanted to go to the king to sing him a Christmas song.

Question 3: What did Sly Fox want to show Robin Redbreast?

Answer: Sly Fox wanted to show the black spot on his tail.

Question 4: What did the cat want to show Robin Redbreast?

Answer: The cat wanted to show the green muffler around its neck.

Question 5: What did the king ask his helpers to do?

Answer: The king asked his helpers to find a friend for Robin Redbreast.

Question 6: What did Robin Redbreast and Jenny Wren do?

Answer: Robin Redbreast and Jenny Wren sat on the windowsill and sang.

Question 7: What is the moral of the lesson?

Answer: The moral of the lesson is ‘we should not give up’.

So, these were Christmas Song Questions & Answers.

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