David Copperfield Questions & Answers

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David Copperfield Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe the day David went to Yarmouth.

Answer: When David was eight years old, he went to Yarmouth with Peggoty. Those days were very blissful and he enjoyed too much.

Question 2: Who was Mr Murdstone? ow did he treat David? What did he plan to do with David?

Answer: Mr Murdstone was David’s step-father. He treated David cruelly. He planned to send David to a school named Salem House in London.

Question 3: Describe the time David spent in Salem House.

Answer: David’s life at Salem House can be compared to that of a prison. He was sent there for education but was instead beaten, humiliated and tortured. His life became solitary, dull and isolated.

Question 4: Describe the scene when David came home for his mother funeral.

Answer: That day was the saddest day of David’s life. Peggoty was waiting for him and both Peggoty and David were sobbing and hugged each other.

Question 5: Describe the scene at the grave yard.

Answer: David stood around the grave of his mother. There was a solemn hush when the clergyman said the last prayer.

Question 6: Which picture was imprinted in David’s mind forever? Why?

Answer: David’s meeting with his mother at the departing time for Salem House was imprinted in David’s mind forever because it was their last meeting as his mother died after two months.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

“The holidays………………………………to tell you.”

(a) What were the holidays for? What was the name of the school where David studied and where was it?

Answer: The holidays were after the end of the term. Salem House was the school in London where David studied.

(b) What picture did David keep in his mind forever?

Answer: David’s last meeting with his mother and brother at the departing time was the picture that David kept in his mind forever.

(c) Why would David keep the picture in his mind forever?

Answer: It was the last time when David saw his mother alive. So, he would keep this picture in his mind forever.

(d) “I have something to tell you”. Who said these words? What did he have to say to David?

Answer: Mr Creakle, the headmaster of the school said these words He had to say this to David about his mother’s death.

(e) How many months later did his mother pass away? What occasion was it when he was given the sad news?

Answer: About two months after David’s return to Salem House, his mother passed away. He was given this sad news on his tenth birthday.

Question 8: Who said these words and to whom?

(a) “I have nothing to give you but advice.”

Answer: Mr Micawber said these words to David.

(b) “Boys aren’t allowed here.”

Answer: Miss Betsy Trotwood said this to David.

(c) “I write all my ideas on my kite.”

Answer: Mr Dick said this to David.

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