The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

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The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ogre – a man-eating giant
  • Cornish – someone from Cornwall, a place in England
  • Cloak – a long, loose garment
  • Gruff – rough
  • Linnet – a small brown bird that makes a pleasant sound

The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was the garden?

Answer: The garden was large and lovely with green grass.

Question 2: Why did the children run away?

Answer: The children ran away after hearing a very gruff voice of the giant.

Question 3: What did the giant build around the garden?

Answer: He built a high wall around the garden.

Question 4: Where did the giant go?

Answer: The giant went to see his friend in a distant land.

Question 5: When did the children play in the garden?

Answer: The children used to play in the garden after coming back from the school.

Question 6: Where was the giant sitting?

Answer: The giant was sitting at the window inside of his castle.

The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

Question 7: What did the children do after the school?

Answer: After the school, the children used to go to the round high wall and talk about the beautiful garden inside.

Question 8: What was the condition of the roads?

Answer: The roads were busy and crowded.

Question 9: What was the Giant hoping for?

Answer: The Giant was hoping for a season change in his garden.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Spring has forgotten this garden,’ they cried, ‘so we will live here all the year round.’

(a) Who are ‘we’?

Answer: Here, ‘we’ refer to the North Winds, the Hail, the Frost and the Snow.

(b) Why does the speaker say that Spring……………

Answer: The Selfish Giant has built high walls all around the beautiful garden because of which the children could not enter. Thus, the Spring didn’t come to his garden.

(c) What do ‘we’ do to the garden?

Answer: The Snow covered up the grass. The Frost painted all the trees silver. The Hail rattled on the roof of the castle. The North Winds roared all day about the garden and blew down the chimney pots.

Question 11: Why did the children enjoy playing?

Answer: It was a large, lovely garden with soft green grass and beautiful flowers (like stars) here and there. Peach trees broke out into delicate blossoms in Spring. Birds sat and sang on the tree branches. So the children enjoyed playing in the garden.

Question 12: What did the North Wind look like and what did he do?

Answer: The North Wind appeared as if it has wrapped itself in furs. It roared all day and blew down the chimney pots.

The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

Question 13: What was the first sign of Spring? Who were the four visitors that finally left the Giant’s garden.

Answer: The melodious music by the little linnet outside the Giant’s window was the first sign of Spring. Snow, Frost, Hail and North Winds were the four visitors who left the garden.

Question 14: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘I believe the spring has come at last,’ said the Giant.

(a) How did he know that Spring had come?

Answer: When the Giant heard the little linnet singing outside his window, he believed that Spring had come.

(b) What did the giant see?

Answer: The Giant saw that through the little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. The trees were glad to have children back. Birds were flying about twittering with delight and flowers looked up through the green grass.

(c) How did he celebrate the coming of Spring?

Answer: He put the little boy on top of the tree and then knocked down the wall of his garden.

Question 15: Why the Giant is called selfish?

Answer: The giant had a large, lovely garden but he did not allow the children to play in it. He built a high wall all around it and wanted to enjoy his garden all alone. That is why he is called a ‘Selfish Giant’.

Question 16: How do we know that the trees were happy to have Spring back?

Answer: The trees covered themselves with the blossom and waved their arms gently above the children’s head. This shows that they were glad to have Spring back.

Question 17: Why was it still winter in one corner of the garden?

Answer: There was still winter in one of the farthest corners of the garden. A little boy was wandering all-around a tree to reach up to its branches. Even the tree bent its branches as low as it could but the boy was too tiny. As the tree could not get the gentle touch of the child, so it was covered with snow and frost. Thus it was winter there.

Question 18: Do you think the Giant’s garden was the most beautiful garden? Give reasons.

Answer: There were fruit-bearing trees, beautiful flowers, land covered with lush green grass and chirping birds all around. But the children’s presence made it the most beautiful garden anyone could have ever seen.

The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers

Question 19: Explain the first meeting of the Giant and the little boy.

Answer: In the farthest corner of the garden, was standing a little boy who could not reach up to the branches of the tree so, he was crying bitterly. The Giant’s heart melted and he lifted the boy and put him on the branch of the tree. The boy felt quite happy and he kissed the Giant. This gesture touched the Giant’s heart.

Question 20: Explain the second meeting of the Giant and the little boy.

Answer: In the farthest corner of the garden, the Giant saw the little boy standing underneath the tree whose branches were all golden, and silver fruit hung down from them. He ran to meet him but on seeing some injury marks on little boy’s hands, he became restless. The little boy assured him that these are the marks of love so that the Giant could be pacified.

Question 21: How did the nature of the Selfish Giant change in the course of the story?

Answer: Initially, the giant didn’t like the children to play in his dazzling garden. He chased them away and built a huge wall. Winter dominated it as the Spring didn’t enter, for there were no children and no birds. One day, when the children crept inside it through the hole made in the wall, the birds and blossom came along with them. The giant now realized his mistake and was not wicked any longer. He spent time playing with the children. When he got old and feeble, he sat in his armchair watching them play and admired his garden.

So, these were The Selfish Giant Questions & Answers.

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