The Echoing Green Questions & Answers

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Written by William Blake, this poem talks about the joys of childhood especially in the company of nature. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of GulliDanda, Hopscotch and On Being Sarah so, you can check these posts as well.

The Echoing Green Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Darkening – becoming dark
  • Thrush – a small song bird with a brown back and spots on the chest
  • Weary – tired
  • Old folk – a group of old people
  • Echoing – repeated sound
  • Bush – an area with wild plants and trees
  • Does laugh away care – enjoy by laughing and forget their worries
  • Descend – to move downward
  • Merry – joy or happiness

Question 1: What time of day is at the beginning of the poem?

Answer: At the beginning of the poem, the Sun is rising so, it is early in the morning.

Question 2: What is the poet talking about in the poem ‘The Enchoing Green’?

Answer: The poet is talking about the merry sounds and images of spring when the children are playing outdoor merrily.

Question 3: Which words from the first stanza create a cheerful mood?

Answer: Words from the first stanza which create a cheerful mood are – happy, merry, welcome, sing and cheerful.

Question 4: What happens on the darkening green?

Answer: When the sun sets, the fields become dark. The children stop playing and go to their mothers to rest. The birds also return to their nests.

Question 5: What happens when the sun arises?

Answer: When the sun arises, the sky and the fields become beautiful. The birds sing to welcome spring and the children play and enjoy.

Question 6: In the second stanza, what are the older people doing? And what does it make them remember?

Answer: In the second stanza, the older people are laughing at the children playing. It makes them remember when they used to play happily on the green when they were young.

Question 7: In the last stanza, what time of day is it?

Answer: In the last stanza, the Sun is going down so it is the evening time.

The Echoing Green Questions & Answers

Question 8: In the last stanza, what happens to the children?

Answer: In the last stanza, the children are tired and ready for rest so they sit with their mothers instead of playing.

Question 9: In the final stanza, the poet creates an interesting image by comparing the mother and her children to a type of animal. What animals are they compared to? What are they doing?

Answer: In the final stanza, the poet compares the mother and her children to birds in a nest. The children sit with their mothers. The effect of the comparison is that we can picture the children with their mothers, getting comfort and warmth and feeling safe.

Question 10: Which are the two birds in the poem?

Answer: The two birds mentioned in the poem are – the sky-lark and thrush.

Question 11: What do you notice about the last line of each stanza? Say how they are similar and how they are different?

Answer: The last line of each stanza is almost the same. In stanzas one and two, the same words are used – ‘On the Echoing Green’. But in the second stanza, this is a line of speech rather than a description. In the third stanza, the word echoing is replaced with the word darkening.

Question 12: Choose the correct option:

(a) The sun makes the sky………

i. happy
ii. sad
iii. excited

(b) The merry bells welcome the………

i. autumn
ii. spring
iii. winter

(c) Old John has………

i. brown hair
ii. black hair
iii. white hair

(d) The old men are sitting under………

i. a tree
ii. a canopy
iii. an umbrella

(e) In the evening, the children come to the laps of………

i. aunt
ii. mother
iii. father

The Echoing Green Questions & Answers

Question 13: What is the green? What does the green echo with?

Answer: The green here refers to the meadows where children play and old people sit and talk with each other. The green echoes with the noise of the children, birds, sky lark and thrushes.

Question 14: What does the expression ‘the echoing green’ suggest?

Answer: The expression ‘the echoing green’ has a dual theme. Fist theme is the theme of ‘nature’. It tells about the joys of spring season. The second theme relates to the ‘human lifecycle’. It illustrates the rising and setting of life. The poet says that whatever was happening, had happened before and will keep on repeating in the future too.

Question 15: Why are the little ones ‘no more merry’?

Answer: The children were playing for the whole day and its dark now. The children are tired and returning to their home. The joyful mood has changed into tiredness. It also symbolizes the end of youthful days.

Question 16: What effect does the descending sun have on sports?

Answer: ‘Sports’ represents the activities of youth here. The ‘descending sun’ here means the inevitable conclusion of everyone’s life. For everyone, its time to go back home and sleep.

Question 17: Where do the sisters and the brothers take rest?

Answer: The sisters and the brothers take rest round the lap of their mother. They are tired after playing and preparing for a sleep.

Question 18: What does the speaker mean by ‘the darkening green?’

Answer: The speaker means to say that spring will always come with lot of joys but eventually it will end. The joy of the spring season will be over when summer and autumn comes. Similarly, the young people who are celebrating their joy in this world will one day grow into an adult and will remember their childhood days like Old John.

Question 19: Read and answer the questions:
The merry bells ring………

(a) Why were the merry bells ringing?

Answer: The merry bells were ringing to welcome the Spring.

(b) Who tried to sing louder than the sound of the bells?

Answer: The Sky-lark and thrush, the birds of the bush tried to sing louder than the sound of the bells.

Question 20: Read and answer the questions:
Old John with white hair..

(a) What was Old John doing?

Answer: He was sitting under the oak tree with old folk.

(b) Where was he?

Answer: He was under Oak tree thinking about his youth time when they all played in green.

So, these were The Echoing Green Questions & Answers.

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