From Tablet To Tablet Questions & Answers

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From Tablet To Tablet Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Kiln – a large oven for baking clay objects
  • Crescents – curved shapes with pointed ends like moon
  • Evolve – develop, progress
  • Linguists – people who study languages
  • Barley – a cereal
  • Wedge-shaped – V-shaped
  • Fragments – pieces
  • Moist – slightly wet
  • Excavation – digging on an archaeological site
  • Databases – organized sets of data stored in a computer

Question 1: What do you mean by communication?

Answer: The exchange of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium is known as communication.

Question 2: Name the future gadgets that allow you to send messages.

Answer: Google Glasses will allow us to send messages by speaking.

Question 3: What had happened if we did not have any written record or communication?

Answer: If we did not have any written record or communication, the human world could not have existed and we could never know about our glorious past and culture.

Question 4: When and where the clay tablet was found?

Answer: Six thousand years later, the clay tablet was found at an excavation site in Iraq. It was found in the form of fragment.

Question 5: Which are the things that replaced the ancient accountant system?

Answer: Computers, i-pad and laptop have replaced the ancient accountant system.

From Tablet To Tablet Questions & Answers

Question 6: When did we get the term tablet?

Answer: It was in 1984 that we got the term tablet computers for the exciting new cool tool of human communication.

Question 7: Why is it apt that the word ‘tablet’ comes from the word ‘tebhel’ or ‘the world’?

Answer: It apt that the word ‘tablet’ comes from the word ‘tebhel’ or ‘the world’ because the tablet computers that we are using now a days connect us to the world.

Question 8: Why does the author say that the young kids have not seen the phones with keypads?

Answer: The author says that the young kids have not seen the phones with keypads because the communication technology is changing very fast and the smart phones that we use now, don’t have keypads.

Question 9: What does the author want to convey through the lesson?

Answer: The author wants to convey that writing has progressed over thousands of years from clay tablets to electronic ones.

Question 10: According to the scientists, what may be possible in future?

Answer: According to the scientists, we will be able to communicate just by reading minds.

Question 11: How did the government accountant prepare the clay tablet for the office memo?

Answer: The accountant took up his curved reed stem and made wedge-shaped signs and marks on a nine-centimetre piece of moist clay. He made a stick figure and crescents for days and a rising sun. Then, he made the jars of barley. Finally, he baked the tablet in kiln fire.

Question 12: Write the journey from clay tablet to computer tablet.

Answer: In ancient times, the clay tablets were made by putting the different types of signs and by baking them in fire for keeping the records. But now with the progress in science and technology, the computers and tablets took the place of clay tablet. Now, in modern world, computers, i-pad and laptop have become an important part of human life.

So, these were From Tablet To Tablet Questions & Answers.

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