Robots Are A Boastful Lot Questions & Answers

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Robots Are A Boastful Lot Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Imagine – to think
  • Programmed – designed
  • Dawning – beginning
  • Extinct – having no existence on earth
  • Vanishes – finishes
  • Amazing – surprising
  • Stiff – hard, unable to move
  • Widely – spread largely
  • Rely on – trust
  • Laziness – idleness
  • Boastful – talk with excessive praise
  • Horrified – terrified
  • Specific – particular
  • Scribbles – to write anything which is unable to understand
  • Fabricated – manufactured

Question 1: What was Debu doing when his father came?

Answer: Debu was sitting on a chair with a box like thing on his lap, when his father came.

Question 2: Why did Debu’s father come in his room?

Answer: Debu’s father came in his room to introduce their new robot helper Mika.

Question 3: What were Debu’s complaints about his homework? Why do you think he found it so difficult?

Answer: Debu was not happy with the amount of homework that he had to do. He was complaining that there was too much homework to complete and so, he was unable to go and play with his friends. He also felt that the homework was difficult because he had to write things that he wasn’t familiar with.

Question 4: What are the fields, robots are being used?

Answer: Robots are being used to perform surgery, to greet the customers in departmental stores and for household chores.

Question 5: Mika was programmed for which type of works?

Answer: Mika was programmed to perform household chores.

Robots Are A Boastful Lot Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Mika do Debu’s homework?

Answer: Mika didn’t know how to write so he scribbled only in Debu’s homework notebook.

Question 7: How did Debu react on seeing his homework?

Answer: Debu got terrified and all his smile vanished from his face on seeing his homework.

Question 8: What is your impression of Debu?

Answer: Debu is a boy who liked playing more than studying. In spite of having a lot of homework, he wanted to go out and play. He also seemed to believe things very easily because he is convinced by Mika and asks him to do his homework. He is lazy and dependent as he always wants his father or Mika to help him with his homework without himself giving it a try. He is irritable, impatient, careless and easily loses his temper.

Question 9: ‘Laziness never pays’ who said this and why? What do you understand by this line?

Answer: Debu’s father said this because he wanted to make him understand that laziness always draws you back and is not good for your success. You should always do your work by yourself and on time, only then you can be successful. You should also not rely on others for doing your work.

Question 10: The play is called ‘Robots are a boastful lot’. Do you think this is a good title? Give reason.

Answer: The title ‘Robots are a boastful lot’ is apt as Mika, the robot, boasts that it can do a variety of things and is programmed to answer many questions. He assures Debu that he will complete his homework although he had never written in a notebook. Late, when Debu’s father asks Mika if he can draw a picture for him, Mika readily and confidently agrees.

So, these were Robots Are A Boastful Lot Questions & Answers.

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