Foolish Questions Poem Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Foolish Questions Poem Questions & Answers.

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Foolish Questions Poem Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The eyes could be jokingly referred to as a school because they

i. are big
ii. help students
iii. have pupils
iv. have space around them

(b) What makes the poem ‘strange’?

i. the punctuation
ii. the funny references to parts of the human body
iii. the foolish questions
iv. the rhyming words

(c) Which of these parts of the body could be used to walk on?

i. bridge of the nose
ii. crook of the elbow
iii. crook of the head
iv. palm of the hand

Question 2: Explain the double meaning in these lines from poem.

(a) Can the crook of his elbow sent to jail
If it can, well, then what did it do.

Answer: The poet in these lines asks whether a crooked bone should be sent to jail just as crooked person is sent to jail. He also wants to know what is its mistake.

(b) And how does he sharpen his shoulder blades?
I will be hanged if I know do you?

Answer: The poet wants to know how should the blades of his shoulder be sharpened. He knows if he uses the blades he will be hanged to death.

(c) Can the calf of his leg eat corn of its toe?

Answer: The poet asks can the calf muscles of his legs eat the corn (extra growth of skin) just as the young one of a cow eats corn (maize).

(d) “And beat time with the drum in his ear?

Answer: The poet has yet another funny question to ask, can the drum inside the ears be beaten just as we have time beats in drum.

Question 3: Match the columns:

Body PartsDescriptions
1. pupilsa. the bone at the front of the knee
2. bridge of the noseb. a small bunch of hair
3. crook of the elbowc. the palate or the upper part of the mouth
4. shoulder bladesd. the top part of the skull
5. knee cape. a painful, thick, hard boil/blister on the toe
6. corn on toef. the bend of the elbow
7. a lock of hairg. fleshy part at the back of the leg between the knee and the ankle
8. calf of the legh. the two flat bones on each side of our back
9. crown of the headi. the bony upper part of the nose between the eyes.
10. roof of the mouthj. the small black round area in the centre of an eye.
Answer: 1-j, 2-i, 3-f, 4-h, 5-a, 6-e, 7-b, 8-g, 9-d, 10-c

So, these were Foolish Questions Poem Questions & Answers.

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