Henry A Chameleon Questions & Answers

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Henry A Chameleon Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ornaments – here, crests, like those on the heads of parakeets and roosters
  • Brandishing – waving
  • Frenzied – hyperactive
  • Flaunting risen up in arms – protested
  • Boomerang – a wooden tool which comes back to the person who throws it
  • Wary – cautious
  • Making her rounds – here, checking if everything was running smoothly in her school
  • Riot – here, noise, confusion & trouble
  • Abroad – here, out of the garden
  • Looked none the worse – seemed all right

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What do you find most unusual about the story?

i. A chameleon can scare people.
ii. A story can revolve around something as insignificant as a chameleon.
iii. A chameleon can be found in a garden.
iv. A chameleon has finely pointed teeth.

(b) The residents of the area hurled stones at the chameleon because

i. they thought it was a poisonous reptile.
ii. someone had said that it could poison people by spitting from a distance of twenty feet.
iii. it was found sunning itself on a shrub.
iv. they thought that it could harm the children playing in the garden.

(c) “Tiring of his wary attitude, I would tickle him gently in the ribs.” The writer is referring to the chameleon’s

i. stubbornness of not moving away from the garden
ii. habit of changing the colour of his skin too often
iii. indifferent attitude of not responding to the writer’s friendly approach
iv. habit of spitting at people.

(d) The chameleon did not bite the writer because

i. he was fond of insects
ii. he knew that it was not the writer who had rescued him
iii. the writer would move away as soon as the chameleon came close
iv. he probably thought that his teeth were for chewing food only.

(e) What was the reason for the commotion in the classroom?

i. Henry had entered the classroom
ii. The school bell had rung early that day
iii. Some children had caught Henry’s tail
iv. Henry was sitting on the papayas in the basket

Question 2: Arrange the sentences in the correct order as they occur in the story.

…3…The gardener took the basket to Mrs Ghosh’s office.
…1…The writer’s grandmother wanted to send a basket of papayas to Mrs Ghosh, the principal of the nursery school.
…4…Mrs Ghosh was examining and admiring the papayas.
…2…Henry slipped into the basket unnoticed.
…5…Out popped Henry!
…9…Henry changed colour.
…7…Henry squinted at her.
…13…Henry disappeared into the garden.
…12…The children ran in all directions.
…6…Mrs Ghosh screamed.
…8…Mrs Ghosh screamed again.
…11…Henry fled into a classroom.
…10…An assistant teacher rushed in and joined in the screaming.

Question 3: What do you think made it possible for the Chameleon’s eyes to wobble?

Answer: The chameleon, Henry, had an ability to move the right eye without moving the left retina. The chameleon’s eyes were independent of each other. He could wobble each eye side to side, backward and forward hyperactively. This sometime gave Henry a horrible squint.

Henry A Chameleon Questions & Answers

Question 4: If you were the writer, would you have appreciated grandfather for bringing home the chameleon? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: If I were the writer, I would have not appreciated Grandfather bringing home the chameleon because it is very scary and I don’t like it at all.

Question 5: Do you think grandmother was right in not disclosing to Mrs. Ghosh that Henry was actually theirs’. Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: The Grandmother was right in not disclosing to Mrs. Ghosh that Henry was actually their pet because she thought that Mrs. Ghosh would probably not be happy with this idea. This happened when Henry slipped into a basket of papayas that was sent to Mrs. Ghosh. The grandmother was scared to tell Mrs. Ghosh about the chameleon being theirs’ thinking it would break their friendship.

Question 6: Can you think of a reason why Henry came back and never went out of the garden again?

Answer: Henry came back because he was terrified with the commotion created in the school. Henry never went out of the garden again because he kept the insect population well within bounds in the author’s garden.

Question 7: Describe Henry with its physical features and characteristics.

Answer: Chameleons are in a class by themselves and are no ordinary reptiles. They are easily distinguished from the lizards, by certain outstanding features. A chameleon’s tongue is as long as its body. Its limbs are long and slender and its fingers and toes resemble a parrot’s claws. On its head, chameleons have a rigid crest. Chameleon’s eyes are the most remarkable feature. They have ability to wobble their eyes side to side backward and forward. This movement gives them a horrible squint some times.

So, these were Henry A Chameleon Questions & Answers.

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