Introducing A New Friend Questions & Answers

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Introducing A New Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who is with Mukesh?

Answer: Abhishek is with Mukesh.

Question 2: Where is Abhishek from?

Answer: Abhishek is from Varanasi.

Question 3: What is Varanasi famous for?

Answer: Varanasi is famous for many important temples – Baba Vishwanath Temple, Sankatmochan Temple, etc.

Question 4: Who founded Banaras Hindu university?

Answer: Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya founded Banaras Hindu university.

Question 5: What does Abhishek’s father do?

Answer: Abhishek’s father is a bank employee.

Question 6: Where does Abhishek live in Patna?

Answer: Abhishek lives at Kankarbagh in Patna.

Question 7: What are the famous temples in Varanasi?

Answer: Baba Vishwanath Temple and Sankatmochan Temple are the famous temples in Varanasi.

Question 8: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Varanasi is situateda. is a holy river.
2. Abhishek livesb. is Patna.
3. Baba Vishwanath Templec. is in Varanasi.
4. The Gangad. on the bank of the Ganga.
5. The native land of Ramane. at Kankarbagh, Patna.

Answer: 1-d, 2-e, 3-c, 4-a, 5-b

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