Karan Made a Glider – I Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Karan Made a Glider – I Questions & Answers.

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Karan Made a Glider – I Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Karan was sitting in his room – True
2. Uncle Vijay was Karan’s friend – False
3. Karan had started working on his design during winter holidays – False
4. Karan was using his pen to complete his design on paper – False
5. Karan was sure that the glider would fly – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Where did Karan sit?

(a) room
(b) garden
(c) friend’s house

2. What did Karan make?

(a) aeroplane
(b) fruit
(c) glider

3. Whose friend was uncle Vijay?

(a) Karan’s
(b) Karan’s father
(c) Karan’s brother

4. On which day, Karan called all his friends?

(a) Sunday
(b) Monday
(c) Tuesday

5. Where did Karan plan to make glider?

(a) garden
(b) bedroom
(c) garage

Question 3: Where did Karan sit?

Answer: Karan sat in his room.

Question 4: What things Karan was using while drawing off and on?

Answer: While drawing off and on, Karan was using his pencil and eraser.

Question 5: Whose design did Karan make?

Answer: Karan made glider’s design.

Question 6: When had Karan started his design?

Answer: Karan had started his design since his summer holidays began.

Question 7: Who was uncle Vijay?

Answer: Uncle Vijay was a friend of Karan’s father.

Question 8: Why did Uncle Vijay think that the glider would not fly?

Answer: Uncle Vijay thought that the glider would not fly as it was without engine.

Question 9: What things were used by Karan to make the glider?

Answer: Karan used bamboos, thread and newspapers to make the glider.

Question 10: What were the strings used by Karan meant for?

Answer: The strings used by Karan were meant for turning the position of the glider.

Question 11: Where did Karan make his glider? What did he do for that?

Answer: Karan made his glider in the garage. He cleaned the garage properly and went to his father for a permission to make glider in the garage.

Question 12: How did Karan make his glider? Explain.

Answer: Karan cut the bamboos to the desired length and thickness. He tied the joints with thread. He covered the wings and the glider with newspapers. He made a place for the flier to sit. He attached a bamboo stick to the glider to work as a handle of the glider, which could also be used to tilt the glider. Karan put two strong strings to keep feet and to turn the glider.

Question 13: What did uncle Vijay say to Karan and what was Karan’s reply to his uncle?

Answer: Uncle Vijay said to Karan, “That won’t fly.”

Karan replied, “It need not have an engine. It is not an aeroplane, it’s a glider.”

So, these were Karan Made a Glider – I Questions & Answers.

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