Milo The Chef Questions & Answers

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Milo The Chef Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Milo lived in a big house with

(a) a dog
(b) an old lady
(c) a young man

2. Milo had a deep understanding of food and

(a) flavours
(b) sauces
(c) spices

3. What was Milo cooking for her owner?

(a) pizza
(b) burger
(c) omelette

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. The old lady loved Milo very much.
2. Bunty woke up and went to the kitchen.
3. Milo was the first ever chef cat.

Question 3: Where and with whom did Milo live in the beginning?

Answer: In the beginning, Milo lived with an old lady in a big house.

Question 4: What did Milo want to become?

Answer: Milo wanted to become a chef.

Question 5: Why did the old lady decide to find a new owner for her cat?

Answer: One day, the old lady fell sick and she had to be shifted to a place where cats were not allowed. So, she decided to find a new owner for her cat.

Question 6: Why was Bunty shocked when he went into the kitchen?

Answer: Bunty was shocked when he went into the kitchen because Milo was making an omelette.

Question 7: What did Bunty decide to do for Milo?

Answer: Bunty decided that Milo’s talent should be known to the world. He made her a chef in his restaurant. Soon, Milo got recognized in the world.

Question 8: What lesson did we learn from Milo’s story?

Answer: We learnt that nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams. We just have to work hard for it.

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