Oliver Learns A New Game Questions & Answers

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Oliver Learns A New Game Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Undertaker – a person who makes arrangements for funerals
  • Meekly – gently and submissively
  • Pickpocket – a person who steals from people’s pocket
  • Deferential – respectful
  • Miser – a person who keeps money but does not like to spend it
  • Sprightly – full of energy
  • Ingenious – clever and inventive
  • Pocket-books – wallets or purses
  • Trod – stepped
  • Uproariously – loudly
  • Lad – a boy or a young man
  • Pad of hoof – to travel on foot

Question 1: Write true or false:

(a) Oliver grew up in an orphanage in England – True
(b) Oliver was shifted to a workhouse when he was eight years old – False
(c) Oliver was sent away to work for Mr Sowerberry, who was a carpenter – False
(d) Oliver met a boy named Artful Dodger on his way to London – True
(e) Artful Dodger forced Oliver to go to the old gentleman’s residence – False
(f) Fagin was the leader of a gang of pickpockets – True
(g) Fagin wanted Oliver to learn the art of pickpocketing only from Artful Dodger – False

Question 2: Who was Oliver? How did he reach London?

Answer: Oliver was an orphan boy who worked in a workhouse. From there, he was sent to work for an undertaker where he got into a fight with another apprentice. Oliver was beaten by undertaker’s wife and he decided to run away to London.

Question 3: Who was Fagin? What precaution did he take before opening the trapdoor?

Answer: Fagin was an old man who was the leader of a gang of pick-pocketers. Before opening the trapdoor, he made sure that Oliver was asleep and that nobody was watching him.

Question 4: Why was Fagin furious with Oliver when he realised that he was awake?

Answer: Fagin was furious with Oliver when he realised that he was awake because Oliver had seen him opening the secret hiding place and all the expensive articles that his gang had stolen from people.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
Did you see any of these pretty things, my dear? Said the man lying his hand upon the box after a short pause.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Fagin is the speaker.

(b) Who is the speaker addressing?

Answer: The speaker is addressing Oliver.

(c) What ‘pretty things’ is the speaker referring to?

Answer: The ‘pretty things’ the speaker is referring were expensive watches, rings, bracelet and items of jewellery.

(d) What does the speaker say to the listener about the ‘pretty things’?

Answer: The speaker tells Oliver that ‘pretty things’ were his property and he would live upon them in his old age.  

Oliver Learns A New Game Questions & Answers

Question 6: Why did Oliver believe that Fagin was indeed a miser?

Answer: Oliver believed that Fagin was indeed a miser as he lived in such a dirty place despite possessing such expensive items.

Question 7: Who was Charley Bates?

Answer: Charley Bates was a friend of Artful Dodger and member of the gang of pickpockets led by Fagin.

Question 8: What had Charley Bates and the Dodger got for Fagin?

Answer: Charley Bates had got four pocket handkerchiefs and Dodger had got a couple of pocketbooks for Fagin.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
The four sat down to breakfast, on the coffee and some hot rolls which the Dodger had brought home in the crown of his hat.

(a) Name the four people who sat down for breakfast?

Answer: Fagin, Dodger, Charley bates and Oliver sat down for breakfast.

(b) Where are these four people at the current moment?

Answer: The four people are in Fagin’s room.

(c) Why has the Dodger got the hot rolls in the crown of his hat?

Answer: Dodger had stolen the rolls from some store so, he had hid them in the crown of his hat.

Question 10: What did Fagin decide to teach Oliver?

Answer: Fagin decided to teach Olive the art of pickpocketing.

Question 11: Describe the curious and uncommon game that Fagin Charley and the Dodger played?

Answer: Fagin, Charley and Dodger played a very curious and uncommon game. Fagin put all the sorts of things like a snuff box, a note case, a watch, a spectacle-case and handkerchief in his various coat pockets. He also wore a guard chain around his neck and a mock diamond pin on his shirt and walked up and down in the room like a gentleman do on the streets. He would occasionally stop as if staring at shop windows while repeatedly slapping all his pockets to ensure that his belongings were safe. All this while Charley and Dodger kept following him and as Fagin turned around Dodger bumped into Fagin’s toes and Charley stumbled behind him and in that moment, they took from Fagin all his belongings.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
‘You’re a clever boy, my dear,’ said the playful old gentleman, patting Oliver on the head approvingly.

(a) Who is old gentleman?

Answer: The old gentleman is Fagin, the leader of the gang of pickpockets.

(b) Why does the old gentleman say that Oliver is a clever boy?

Answer: The old gentleman says that Oliver is a clever boy because Oliver was quick in learning the art of pickpocketing.

(c) Why is the old gentleman referred to as ‘playful’?

Answer: The old gentleman is referred to as ‘playful’ because he has the habit of calling everyone ‘my dear’.

(d) What does the old gentleman give Oliver as a gesture of appreciation?

Answer: As a gesture of appreciation, the old gentleman patted Oliver on his head.

So, these were Oliver Learns A New Game Questions & Answers.

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