Pianist Matan Questions & Answers

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Pianist Matan Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Captivated – attracted and held the interest and attention of someone
  • Memorable – something that is worth remembering
  • Mastery – being extremely skilled in a particular activity or subject
  • Pioneered – to be one of the first people to do something
  • Virtousity – being greatly skilled at something, particularly music
  • Honing – making something perfect over a period of time

Question 1: Who is Matan Fishov? When did he start to play the piano?

Answer: Matan Fishov is an Israeli pianist. He started to play the piano at the age of 13.

Question 2: What is a piano recital?

Answer: A piano recital is a performance given by just one or two musicians.

Question 3: Who have mentored Matan in mastering the piano?

Answer: Mrs. Eva Malkin and Jonathan Zak have mentored Matan in mastering the piano.

Question 4: Where has Matan travelled to and performed?

Answer: Matan has travelled to and performed in the following countries: Estonia, Spain, Greece and India.

Pianist Matan Questions & Answers

Question 5: Name any two classical musicians mentined in the chapter.

Answer: Two classical musicians mentioned in this chapter are Johannes Sebastian Bach and Frederic Chopin.

Question 6: What did Matan say about Indian Classical music?

Answer: Matan said that Indian classical music is ‘like magic’ and it has influenced many European composers.

Question 7: Write True or False

(a) Fishov likes Indian classical music – True
(b) Mozart started playing the piano at the age of four – True
(c) Fishov is a music composer also – True
(d) Franz Liszt was an Austrian composer – False
(e) Matan Fishov was trained by two renowned teachers – True

So, these were Pianist Matan Questions & Answers.

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