The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

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The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The creatures of the bog had no option but to listen to the frog’s crass cacophony.
(b) All the other creatures reacted to the nightingale’s marvelous song by saying ‘Bravo’, ‘Too divine’ and ‘Encore’.
(c) Before starting the nightingale shook her head, twitched her tail, closed and eye, fluffed a wing and cleared her throat to sing.
(d) The nightingale was highly flattered that a critic of such note had discussed her art and throat.
(e) On the first morning of her voice training, she had to sing in the rain for six long hours.
(f) When the poor nightingale puffed up, she burst a vein and died.

Question 2: When the nightingale first sang under the sumac tree, how did all the creatures react?

Answer: When the nightingale sang under the sumac tree for the first time, all the creatures of the bog admired her song and gave her their complete attention. They were rapt and stared at the sumac tree. When she ended the song, everyone clapped, cheered and requested her for an encore.

Question 3: What did the other creatures feel about the frog’s voice?

Answer: The other creatures in the bog loathed the frog’s voice. They had no choice but to listen to the frog’s cacophony which blared out from the sumac tree.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

(a) What was the frog’s determination?

Answer: The frog’s determination was to display the happiness of his heart by croaking all night in his loud, unpleasant voice.

(b) What did the frog do from the sumac tree?

Answer: The frog blared out his crass songs, in his loud and unpleasant voice, from the sumac tree.

(c) What else was done to stop the frog’s determination?

Answer: In addition to stones, prayers and sticks, the frog was also assailed with insults, complaints and bricks to stop his determination.

The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did the nightingale respond to all the praise and applause of her admiring audience?

Answer: The nightingale was unused to the kind of praise and admiration that her audience by the sumac tree showed her. So, when they asked for an encore, the nightingale was delighted, and she sang all night without stopping.

Question 6: What offer did the frog make to the nightingale? What reasons did he give?

Answer: The frog made an offer to the nightingale to train her. He said to the nightingale that her song lacked a certain force, and that without proper training she would remain a mere beginner.

Question 7: Bring out the humour in the titles of the admiring audience.

Answer: Birds and animals came from distant places to hear the nightingale sing. The poet has made use of puns to merge the titles and distinctions with names of the birds to humorously describe the audience. The Owl of Sandwich is a play on ‘Earl of Sandwich’. ‘Duck of Kent’ is ‘Duke of Kent’. Similarly, ‘Mallard and Milady Trent’, are the elite titles ‘milord’ and ‘milady’. The birds martin and cardinal are brought together to form ‘Martin Cardinal Mephisto’. The coot of Monte Cristo is a reference to the famous literary character the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’.

Question 8: Describe in brief the first training session with the heartless frog?

Answer: On the morning of the nightingale’s first training session, it was raining. The nightingale said that she couldn’t sing in such weather, but the frog told her to just put on a scarf and a sash. They sang for six hours until the nightingale was shivering with cold, and her voice was hoarse and quivering.

The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers

(a) Where was the nightingale? What was she preparing to do?

Answer: The nightingale was in the bog, sitting on the sumac tree. She was preparing to begin her singing for the night.

(b) What did the frog boast about? Was he being truthful? Justify your answer.

Answer: The frog boasted about his reputation as a singer and critic in the bog. He was not being truthful, because his singing was not admired in the bog and was hardly tolerated by the other creatures. He lied about being the owner of the tree. Moreover, the creatures around disliked his song and hardly tolerated it.

(c) How did the bird react to his words?

Answer: The nightingale was flattered and impressed that a critic of such note had discussed her art and throat. She hesitantly asked him his opinion of her singing. She was flattered by the frog’s response, and even called him Mozart in disguise.

Question 10: How did the nightingale die? Was the frog’s hidden motive fulfilled?

Answer: The frog’s criticism made the nightingale lose her confidence.As the nightingale’s voice grew tired and dull, the audience started decreasing. The frog scolded her for this, and told her to sing with more passion. The terrified bird tried to follow the frog. When she puffed up to sing, she burst a vein and died. Yes, the frog’s hidden motive, of having the bog to himself once more, was fulfilled.

Question 11: Why did the frog criticize the poor bird harshly? What effect did it have on her?

Answer: The frog criticised the poor nightingale harshly because he was jealous of the bird’s ability to sing. Everyone admired her singing, while they loathed his voice. Even though he was earning money from the shows that nightingale gave, his joy at this wealth was made bitter when he saw the nightingale’s success. The frog’s criticism made the nightingale sorrowful and pale. She no longer took pleasure in singing, and her efforts to please the frog made her voice tired and uninspired. At last, she puffed up, burst a vein and died.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:


(a) Who said these words? Which bird was being referred to in the above lines?

Answer: The frog said these words. The bird being referred to in the given lines was the nightingale.

(b) Why were the above words spoken?

Answer: The frog spoke the given words because the nightingale had fallen prey to the frog’s bullying and scolding. She was so influenced by his words and ended up killing herself.

(c) Explain the meaning of the phrase ‘your song must be your own’ in the context of the poem.

Answer: The phrase ‘your song must be your own’ implies that nobody should blindly copy someone else, but should perform up to his/her own capabilities. The nightingale was gullible. While she sang in her own way her talent was great. But she came under the frog’s influence, and instead of singing her own songs, she started singing to please the frog. This led to the nightingale’s downfall.

So, these were The Frog and The Nightingale Questions & Answers.

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