The Inauspicious Justice Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Inauspicious Justice Questions & Answers.

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The Inauspicious Justice Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hawker – seller
  • Unfortunately – sadly
  • Courtiers – advisers
  • Dejected – sad
  • Progressed – continued
  • Quarrelled – fought
  • Tantrum – display of bad temper
  • Convinced – to be very sure
  • Inauspicious – unfortunate
  • Gallows – a structure where people are killed by hanging
  • Things came to a head – a situation becoming very bad
  • Executioner – hangman
  • Proclamation – public announcement
  • Unique – one of a kind
  • Innocent – not guilty
  • Injustice – unfair act

Question 1: Why did Akbar miss an important meeting?

Answer: Akbar missed an important meeting because he had a swollen ankle since he tripped and had fallen down. He was in a great pain and had to take rest.

Question 2: Why did Akbar send the hawker to the gallows?

Answer: Akbar sent the hawker to the gallows because he thought that the inauspicious face of the hawker had been the cause of all his troubles.

Question 3: What proclamation did the hawker wish to make?

Answer: The hawker wished to make a proclamation to warn the people of city not to see the Emperor’s face early in the morning or else they would also be sentences to the gallows just like him.

Question 4: Why do you think Akbar set the hawker free?

Answer: Akbar had realised his mistakes of punishing an innocent person so, he set the hawker free.

Question 5: What lesson do you learn from this story?

Answer: The lesson learnt is – We should not believe in myths especially while doing justice.

Question 6: Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order of the events as they happened in the story:


…6…Akbar quarrelled with his wife.
…2…He tripped and fell down and had to stay at home.
…1…Emperor Akbar saw a hawker with a cart loaded with goods.
…4…A fly fell into his juice, so Akbar remained thirsty.
…5…His wife’s brother met with an accident.
…3…Birbal had also taken the day off and Akbar felt very dejected.
…8…He sent the hawker to the gallows.
…7…The Emperor wondered why he had had such a bad day.

Question 7: Find words from the story that have similar meanings as the following:


(a) Seller – hawker
(b) Continued – progressed
(c) Sad – dejected
(d) Stopping – preventing
(e) Unfortunate – inauspicious

So, these were The Inauspicious Justice Questions & Answers.

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