The Refugees Questions & Answers

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The Refugees Questions & Answers

  • Adversity – a difficult situation
  • Forth – move forward  
  • Cauldron – a large deep pot for cooking food over fire
  • Shrunken – (something) that has become smaller
  • Bawl – to shout loudly in an angry way
  • Fumble – to use hands in an awkward way while doing something

Question 1: What did the city dwellers say when they noticed the refugees? Why did they say so?

Answer: The city dwellers said that more and more refugees are coming into the city and wondered if there would be an end to them. They were afraid that all would starve if they fed the refugees even a little.

Question 2: Why did the rickshaw-pullers resent the refugee?

Answer: The rickshaw-pullers resented (disliked) the refugees because the refugees would pull rickshaw for any amount of money given to them so the fares were low for all and everyone suffered.

Question 3: What did the old man do with the bowl of noodles?

Answer: The old man took the bowl of noodles to the other basket, in which his grandson lay with his eyes fast closed. He then fed the little one all of the hot mixture from the bowl.

Question 4: What made the passerby give the old man a silver coin and a copper penny?

Answer: The passerby saw the old man give up his burden and sink to the ground, panting heavily. His face changed when he saw the noodle vendor. The passerby was himself very poor but on seeing the condition of the old man, he decided to give him only as much as the old man needed, so that he was not deprived of food. He gave the money thinking as if he would give his own father.

The Refugees Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

“But you have the silver bit!”

(a) Who said this?

Answer: The noodle vendor said this.

(b) Why did he say so?

Answer: He said so because the old man had bought a small bowl of noodles with the copper coin to feed his grandson, and kept the silver coin to buy seeds.

Question 6: “The best I can do for this grandson of mine… .” What was this best he wanted to do for his grandson? Why did he want to do this?

Answer: He wanted to buy seeds for his grandson so that even after his death someone would grow crops on his land. His grandson would not die of starvation.

Question 7: What do the following words mean? Read the story and decipher.

(a) Bitterness of fear

Answer: The bitterness of fear means the rude and the unkind words that the city dwellers were speaking because of the fear in their minds that if more refugees kept coming, then, they themselves would starve in an effort to feed the refugees.

(b) Bitter heartiness

Answer: The bitter heartiness means when the passerby gave the coins to the old man. He wanted him to eat a bowl of noodles. He himself was poor but in spite of that, he showed kindness in giving the coins.

Question 8: Why do you think the old man ran his tongue carefully around the little bowl after his grandson had eaten?

Answer: The old man ran his tongue carefully around the bowl after his grandson had eaten to remove even the last trace of food from the bowl.

The Refugees Questions & Answers

Question 9: Read the line and answer the questions:

More refugees! Will there never be an end to them?

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: A city dweller said these words.

(b) In what circumstances were these words said?

Answer: The city was already full of refugees, they were clothed and fed somehow and sheltered in mats in great camps. When they kept pouring in day after day, the city dweller said these lines.

(c) What was the underlying fear that haunted the speaker/speakers?

Answer: They were afraid that in an effort to feed the refugees even a little bit, all the city dwellers would starve.

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

This lack of food was confirmed when one looked closely into the faces of the people.

(a) How was the lack of food confirmed?

Answer: The lack of food was confirmed by looking at their starving faces and the look of despair on them. They were not interested in looking around the new city they had arrived in.

(b) Why was there lack of food?

Answer: There was lack of food because they ate up all the seeds and had nothing to sow the land with.

(c) Describe the look on the faces of these people?

Answer: There were faces of people starving with a look of despair on them. They were not looking at the strange sights of the new city they had entered because they were so close to death.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

It is not for me, the old man answered.

(a) What is ‘It’?

Answer: ‘It’ is the small bowl of food.

(b) For whom was it?

Answer: It was for his little grandson.

(c) Why was it not for the old man?

Answer: It was not for the old man because he couldn’t afford a bowl of food for himself. His grandson was very little and needed the food more than the old man did.

So, these were The Refugees Questions & Answers.

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