The Stranger Questions & Answers

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The Stranger Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Expectantly – eagerly
  • Reminiscing – fondly remembering the past
  • Scanned the hall – looked at every part of the hall
  • Weathered cheeks – here, old and wrinkled cheeks
  • Beyond comprehension – impossible to understand
  • Paid scant attention to us – hardly looked at us
  • Completely preoccupied – too busy to pay attention
  • Waned – here, passed

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) It wasn’t difficult to spot Grandfather at the airport because he was_______

i. wearing traditional Chinese clothes
ii. short and stocky
iii. speaking in Chinese
iv. the only Chinese in the entire crowd

(b) Grandfather was surprised when he met Jason and his brothers because_______

i. they were speaking fluently in Chinese
ii. the boys were not dressed in proper clothes
iii. they could hardly speak any Chinese
iv. they had come to the airport alone to receive their grandfather

(c) When Grandfather escaped from China,_______were with him.

i. his two sons
ii. Grandmother, Jason’s father
iii. Grandmother, Jason’s father and mother
iv. Grandmother, Jason’s father and uncle

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Jason had Chinese parents – True
(b) The old Chinese gentleman was Jason’s paternal grandfather – True
(c) Jason’s grandfather had given up his Chinese culture – False
(d) Jason’s father and uncle were babies when their parents escaped from China to Taiwan – True
(e) Chinatown is a popular town in China – False
(f) Jason’s grandfather was not too happy to visit the streets in Chinatown – False

Question 3: What gifts did Grandfather bring for the children? Were the children happy with the gifts? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Grandfather brought Chinese chess and a sort of beanbag. The games were in Chinese language which the children could not understand. The language became a barrier for the children. Therefor the games laid untouched on the table which shows that the children were not happy with the games.

Question 4: What had been Grandfather during World War II?

Answer: Grandfather served as a General in the Chinese army during World War II.

The Stranger Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Grandfather escaped from China? Where did he go with his family?

Answer: Grandfather and his family members were escaping from China. They took their valuables and rushed to the port. But the soldiers patrolling there stopped them. Coincidentally, the soldiers were distracted by a known General. This gave them a chance to escape. Grandfather and his family could board the last ship to Taiwan.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
‘Why wasn’t I more like my parents?’

(a) Who is the ‘I’ in the above sentence?

Answer: ‘I’ here is referred to the small child named Jason in the family.

(b) What was special about his parents?

Answer: Jason’s parents were basically from China but they had settled in America. The special quality about Jason’s parent was that they were well adapted to the two different cultures.

(c) Why did ‘I’ want to be like his parents?

Answer: Jason wanted to be like his parents because he was impressed by the quality of his parents of being adapted to the two different cultures.

Question 7: Which of Grandfather’s action or reaction did Jason not understand?

Answer: Jason did not know much about his grandfather. It was almost one month that grandfather had been living with Jason’s family .But at times grandfather segregated himself and showed sign of loneliness and frustration. Jason could not understand his reactions. The other reason was no communication between Jason and his grandfather because language was a barrier.

Question 8: When did Grandfather begin to feel comfortable in Jason’s home?

Answer: At Christmas Eve, Jason gifted his grandfather a headset. Grandfather did not know how to use it, so Jason’s mother gifted him a Chinese tape. When grandfather listened to it his eyes glowed. He became happy and comfortable.

Question 9: Why do you think Jason was unable to understand his grandfather?

Answer: Jason was unable to understand his grandfather because his grandfather was a Chinese and spoke only Chinese whereas Jason could speak and understand only English. So, he could not communicate with his grandfather. Therefore, Jason was unable to understand his grandfather.

So, these were The Stranger Questions & Answers.

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