A Blue Jackal Questions & Answers

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A Blue Jackal Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Jackal lived in a village – False
2. The jackal walked towards a city – False

3. The jackal made the lion his hunter – True
4. The lion killed the jackal – True
5. The jackal allotted various duties to animals – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Where did the jackal live?

(a) forest
(b) house
(c) village

2. Where did jackal walk one day?

(a) city
(b) village
(c) forest

3. What colour the jackal change into?

(a) blue
(b) red
(c) green

4. Who killed the jackal?

(a) tiger
(b) lion
(c) zebra

5. Who was afraid to see the blue jackal?

(a) wild animals
(b) children
(c) villagers

Question 3: Who lived in a forest?

Answer: A jackal lived in a forest.

Question 4: What did jackal think one day?

Answer: One day, jackal thought to visit a nearby village to see how people lived there.

Question 5: Where did jackal fall?

Answer: Jackal fall into a tub of blue dye.

Question 6: How was jackal recognised?

Answer: The jackal recognised when it also started hooting after hearing the hooting sound of other jackals from a far-off place.

Question 7: Who killed the jackal?

Answer: The lion killed the jackal.

Question 8: What did the jackal say to the wild animals?

Answer: The jackal said to the wild animals, “O wild animals! You need not be afraid of me. I am your king. Do not be afraid of me. God has sent me to this forest to look after you all.”

Question 9: What order was given to the lion?

Answer: The jackal ordered to the lion, “You will be the hunter. You will hunt animals for me and other courtiers. Do not kill an animal when it is not necessary.”

Question 10: What happened to the wild animals after seeing blue jackal?

Answer: After seeing blue jackal, the wild animals were frightened.

Question 11: What was happened when the tiger saw the jackal hooting?

Answer: When the tiger saw the jackal hooting, it realised its folly and collected all the animals and said, “It is not our king but a cunning jackal.”

Question 12: On its visit to a nearby village what did jackal observe?

Answer: On its visit to a nearby village, jackal observed a few horses, cows, buffalos, donkeys and goats. As it moved ahead a little, it heard the dogs barking. As it looked around, it saw many dogs running towards it.

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