Laughter Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Laughter Questions & Answers.

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Laughter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Laughing is a great asset for mankind – True
2. We should laugh loudly at all places – False
3. We have to spend money to smile – False
4. A smiling person has a positive attitude – True
5. Those who laugh frequently have heart disease – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Laughing is a great

(a) asset
(b) disease
(c) attitude

2. People who smile remain

(a) ill
(b) healthy
(c) dull

3. What attitude does a smiling person has?

(a) positive
(b) negative
(c) serious

4. What does a person who smiles get?

(a) health
(b) attitude
(c) disease

5. Who was Socrates?

(a) scientist
(b) doctor
(c) scholar

Question 3: Which is a great asset for mankind?

Answer: Laughing is a great asset for mankind.

Question 4: What kind of people remain healthy?

Answer: People who smile and remain gay remain healthy.

Question 5: What type of attitude does a smiling person have?

Answer: A smiling person has positive attitude.

Question 6: What did Socrates say about smiling?

Answer: Socrates said, ‘Smiling is the only medicine for thousands of diseases.

Question 7: Where was Gandhiji staying in London?

Answer: In London, Gandhiji was staying in a slum.

Question 8: During Gandhiji’s stay in slum of London, how did he improve health of children?

Answer: Gandhiji would collect all the boys in the morning and teach them to laugh loudly for three minutes daily. The children started practising laughing in the morning. In a week, there was an improvement in the health of the children.

Question 9: According to a wise man – what is the secret to remain healthy forever?

Answer: To remain healthy forever, a wise man advises, “Laugh twice of what you eat, walk twice of what you laugh.”

Question 10: What are the advantages of laughing?

Answer: The advantages of laughing are:

  • Develops a positive attitude.
  • Lessen heart attacks and ailments.
  • Makes a person wise.

Question 11: What does laughing mean?

Answer: Laughing always does not mean that one should laugh loudly and without a purpose. However, as far as the situations around us apply, a little smile should be always on our lips.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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