A True Friend Poem Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A True Friend Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by William Shakespeare. In this poem, the poet has described about the qualities of a true friend. We must be able to know who is a true friend and must always be faithful to our friend.

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A True Friend Poem Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Thy – your
  • Indeed – in fact
  • Thee – you
  • Sorrow – grief
  • Certain – definite
  • Flattering – insincerely praising
  • Foe – enemy

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. A friend is helpful at the time of need – True
2. One should not have friends – False
3. A true friend is faithful and loyal – True
4. If you are in sorrow friend smiles – False
5. Friend flatters you always – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. One who helps at the time of need is

(a) a friend
(b) a relative
(c) a neighbour

2. If you do not sleep your friend is

(a) sleepy
(b) awake
(c) dreaming

3. If you are in sorrow your friend

(a) weeps
(b) smiles
(c) laughs

4. Friend is always

(a) faithful
(b) unfaithful
(c) wicked

5. Enemies at times

(a) flatter
(b) misguide
(c) protect

Question 3: What is a friend?

Answer: A friend is a person who is helpful in the need.

Question 4: If you are in sorrow, what does a friend do?

Answer: If we are in sorrow, a friend weeps.

Question 5: Who cannot sleep if you are awake.

Answer: A friend cannot sleep if you are awake.

Question 6: Are friends faithful?

Answer: Yes, friends are faithful.

Question 7: Does friend help at the time of need?

Answer: Yes, a friend helps at the time of need.

Question 8: Who helps in your need?

Answer: A friend helps in our need.

Question 9: What does a friend do in sorrow?

Answer: In sorrow, a friend weeps.

Question 10: What are the signs of a true friend?

Answer: The signs of a true friend are:

  • A true friend helps in the time of need.
  • He weeps when you cry.
  • He cannot sleep if you are awake.

Question 11: What does the poet mean by “flattering foe”?

Answer: “Flattering foe” means excessive or insincere praise by enemy.

Question 12: Who is better, a faithful friend or a flattering foe? Explain.

Answer: A faithful friend is better. This is because a faithful friend can never deceive you but a flattering foe can dump you anytime.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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